Saturday Night Contest - Putting It All Together

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. here is my entry hope im not to late

  2. When do find out the results?
  3. Should be soon, Gabriel, they're reviewing the submissions right now.
  4. Thanks for your prompt response wish you the best of luck jspademagic.
  5. Haha thanks, you too :D
  6. Alright guys, time for the results! I cannot explain to you guys how hard this was for us to judge. Overall, just outstanding effects, and downright amazing creativity. This was, in my opinion, one of the best contests we have done in a long time. Thank you to InfiniteMagic1927 for the suggestion! We will definitely keep this idea in mind for future contests.

    Onto the winners. As always, this is the hardest part of judging. There were plenty of amazing videos and creative effects, but we have to narrow it down to the first place and second place winners. With that said, let's get onto it.

    Our first place prize goes to DLeerium for his super-creative presentation and effect. There are a lot of effects based around a storyline, but this was the most creative one we have seen yet. Beautiful presentation, and the fact that there was a live performance made it even better. Congratulations!

    Our second place prize goes to PaulTheIllusionist for his creative sandwich/transposition effect. Overall, an outstanding effect with multiple magic moments that we thoroughly enjoyed. Congrats Paul!

    To both winners, please contact our support team with your info so we can get your prizes out to you ASAP!

    To everyone else, we want you guys to know that you all hit it out of the park this week with your entries. Now that you have created an effect with just a few sleights, my extra challenge for you all is to go out there and perform it! And this is just the stepping stone for what you can do. Write down a list of a few sleights that you can already do, and try to come up with more effects to perform! Not only will you have more material, but you can get insanely more creative than before, and future effects will become easier to create. Like I said before, this is the reason why this contest is one of my favorites. Go out there and perform the effects you created!

    We can't thank you guys enough for showing up this week and doing a phenomenal job. We can't wait to see you all back next week!
  7. Congratulations to you DLeerium and PaulTheIllusionist!!!!
  8. Thank you guys! DLeerium certainly deserved to win!
  9. Just watched the 1st and 2nd place video:Amazing.... both deserved it....congrats
  10. Man I am sad I missed this! I was super busy all weekend. Congrats to the winner!
  11. Thank you guys! And congrats to PaulTheIllusionist as well. Absolutely brilliant combination of magic :)
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