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Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

Mar 16, 2012
Red: Jack of Hearts
White: Queen of Hearts
Blue: King of Hearts

Red: Ace Of Spades
White: Nine of Clubs
Blue: Queen of Diamonds
Sep 14, 2007
Red: 4 of Diamonds
White: Ace of Spades
Blue: Queen of Clubs

Red: Jack of spades
White: Queen of spades
Blue: King of spades
Dec 13, 2011
Red: 9 of Spades
White: 3 of Hearts
Blue: Jack of Diamonds

Red: 2 of Clubs
White: 10 of Spades
Blue: 9 of Diamonds
Nov 8, 2009
Red:8 of hearts
White: j of diamonds
Blue: Joker

Red: Ace of spades
White: 2 of clubs
Blue 5 of hearts

It better not be all jokers or ad cards...
Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
my entry ..

My entry..

Red: 3 of Clubs
White: Jack of Spades
Blue: 6 of Spades

Red: 7 of Hearts
White: Ace of Hearts
Blue: 3 of Spades

Goodluck guys :D


Elite Member
Nov 23, 2007
Red: 9 of Hearts
White: 6 of Spades
Blue: 3 of Clubs

Red: 8 of Diamonds
White: 2 of Clubs
Blue: 4 of Hearts
Aug 15, 2011
Red: 9 of spades
White: 9 of hearts
Blue: 8 of spades

Red: 5 of clubs
White: 4 of dinamonds
Blue: 2 of dinamonds
Jul 7, 2012
Red: 4 of clubs
White: 8 diamonds
Blue: 3 hearts

Red:6 diamonds
White:Ace of clubs
Blue: King of Spades
Jul 24, 2011
Red: 3 of clubs
White: 8 of diamonds
Blue: ace of clubs

Red: 10 of clubs
White: 4 of clubs
Blue: 6 of diamonds
Dec 2, 2010
Red: 6 of Diamonds
White: King of Hearts
Blue: 7 of Hearts

Red: Ace of Hearts
White: 5 of Clubs
Blue: 2 of Spades
Jul 23, 2011
Red: Jack of clubs
White: 4 of spades
Blue: queen of clubs

Red: 3 of hearts
White: seven of clubs
Blue: 10 of spades
Nov 13, 2011
Hey guys! With the 4th of July earlier this week, we thought we would get in the festive mood too! Red, white, and blue is the theme tonight. But what are we going to do with those colors? Let's find out.

I'm going to attach a picture below of 3 face down cards - an Automobile No. 2, a White Monarch, and a Lotus. The identity of these cards are unknown. Your job is to correctly guess the identity of each card, specific to their back design. You get 2 guesses, so make them count! All guesses should be posted in response to this forum thread no later than 11:00pm EST. The format of your answer should look like this:

Red: Ace of Hearts
White: 2 of Hearts
Blue: 3 of Hearts

Red: 4 of Hearts
White: 5 of Hearts
Blue: 6 of Hearts


It's that simple! The first person to correctly guess each card or come the closest will take home the new Heritage Series Decks, a White Monarch, and my effect Rapture, all on the house! Good luck to everyone!

red: 3 of hearts
white: 3 of hearts
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