Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

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  1. Red: 6 of hearts
    White: 4 of clubs
    Blue: 7 of clubs

    Red: 9 of diamonds
    White: ace of spades
    Blue: 2 of clubs
  2. Snc

    Red: 4 of spades
    White: 10 of diamonds
    Blue: Jack of Clubs

    Red: Jack of Diamonds
    White: Queen of Hearts
    Blue: 2 of spades
  3. Red: Queen of Clubs
    White: 7 of Hearts
    Blue: Jack of Spades

    Red: Jack of Spades
    White: 6 of Hearts
    Blue: 3 of Clubs
  4. Red: 6 of Clubs
    White: King of Spades
    Blue: 7 of hearts

    Red: 2 of Clubs
    White: 9 of Hearts
    Blue: 3 of clubs
  5. Red: 6 of clubs
    White: 10 of Diamonds
    Blue: Ace of Spades

    Red: king of hearts
    White: 4 spades
    Blue: jack of clubs
  6. Alright guys, time is up! Unfortunately, no one guessed all three cards correctly, but we did have a member who was the FIRST to correctly guess one card. Here are the results:

    Red: 8 of diamonds
    White: King of Diamonds
    Blue: 7 of Hearts

    The member who guessed the one correct card FIRST was Josh Clarke with his guess of the 8 of Diamonds. Congrats Josh! Send an email to our support team with your info so we can hook you up ASAP.

    Thanks to everyone who participated this week! Can't wait to have you all back next week for a whole new contest! :)
  7. Red- Ace of spades
    White- 3 of hearts
    Blue- King of spades

    Red- King of spades
    White- Queen of spades
    Blue- Jack of spades
  8. Red: jack of clubs
    White: 7 of diamonds
    Blue: Ace of hearts

    Red: 8 of spades
    White: 2 of spades
    Blue: queen of diamonds
  9. Red: Ace of Hearts
    White: Two of Diamonds
    Blue: King of Spades

    Red: Queen of Hearts
    White: Three of Spades
    Blue: Seven of Spades
  10. Red: 7 of clubs
    White: 9 of hearts
    Blue: jack of spades
  11. Red: 6 of Spades
    White:10 of Diamonds
    Blue: 5 of Clubs

    Red: King of Spades
    White: 8 of Hearts
    Blue: 3 of Hearts
  12. Red - 7 of hearts
    white- 10 of clubs
    blue - King of Diamonds

    Red - 9 of Spades
    White - Ace of Clubs
    Blue - Ace of Hearts
  13. Red: 2 of Spades
    White: King of Clubs
    Blue: 7 of Diamonds

    Red: 3 of Hearts
    White: 9 of Clubs
    Blue: Ace of Clubs
  14. Red: 2 of spades
    White: 3 of hearts
    Blue: king of clubs

    Red: 7 of spades
    White: jack of hearts
    Blue: ace of diamonds
  15. Red: 9 of Diamonds
    White: 4 of Hearts
    Blue: kind of spades

    Red: 3 of clubs
    White: 10 of hearts
    blue: ace of diamonds
  16. Red: 3 of diamonds
    White: 7 of spades
    Blue: king of hearts

    Red: Jack of hearts
    White: 2 of clubs
    Blue: 10 of diamonds
  17. I guessed the 8 of diamonds before him!
  18. Red: 3 of Clubs
    White: King of Hearts
    Blue: 8 of Spades

    Red: 6 of Diamonds
    White: Jack of Spades
    Blue: Queen of Diamonds
  19. Red: 4 of Spades
    White: Ace of Hearts
    Blue: 3 of Diamonds

    Red: Ace of Clubs
    White: 5 of Hearts
    Blue: Queen of Hearts
  20. Red: Ace of Clubs
    White: 4 of Spades
    Blue: 3 of Hearts

    Red: 4 of Hearts
    White: Jack of Clubs
    Blue: Queen of Diamonds
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