Saturday Night Contest / roundtable + Doug McKenzie

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  1. What are your favourite books on card magic?

  2. Gee how long did it take you to come up with that one?

  3. What is your favorite trick with an everyday object?
  4. Is there going to be another David Blaine special?
  5. How did working with DB develop your understanding of the business half of showbusiness?
    Does being in a city such as NYC help your magic in terms of what you can access, as opposed to living in an unknown city?
    How do you feel about the editing processes used in TV?
    Flicker obviously adheres to the concept of "Simple is best" - is this what you find yourself performing most on the street, simple productions and so forth as a standalone, or would you make a routine out of it?
  6. Why did you steal Sinful's name.

  7. Doug...
    Do you create magic for DB, or just help in picking effects for television?
    if so, what are the key elements you look for when picking magic for DB and television??
    In other words...what does an effect have to have for T.V. Are there effects that just don't play out for a televised audience?

  8. DO you feel youtube is ruining magic? Why or Why not?

    How long have you been doing magic?

    What is your most favorite effect that is on the market now adays?

    Does David Blaine ever play pogs With Danny Garcia? WHy not?

    How did you get INvolved with David Blaine?

    WHo's cooler? Jonathan Bayme or David Blaine?:D
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    Are you tired of non original tricks?

    Do you in courage change in magic?

    To patter or not to Patter that is the question. (that was just a statement but give your views about patter.)

    Cameras are you tired of them?

    How long have you stayed awake on a shoot or other event?

    Do you have any pets?

    What college did you go to and what degree did you major in?

    "No Coke, Pepsi":)
    Which Cola do you like best?

    Have you been to Colon Michigan?

    If you did have you been to Abbots?

    If you could have any profession would you still chose magic? That is assuming you consider performing magic as your profession.

    In your opinion how is magic different from mentalism?

    Why cards why not balls, thimbles, or silks for manipulation?

    What is your first magic trick learned?

    What is your first Published flourish or trick?

    How did you meet David Blaine?

    Have you met Criss Angel?

    Is there any more productions Tv wise you are helping out on?

    Have you performed onstage?

    If you did was it easier to perform on stage or on the street?

    Well thats all I have, I hope that is enough.

    As you can tell I do not know much about you but am looking forward to finding out more about you and what you do.
  10. 1 which do you prefer card or coin magic?
    2 how did you get started?
    3 what is your favorite effect to perform
    4 what is your favorite effect to watch
    5 who/what is your biggest inspiration?
    6 what was it like working with david blaine?
    7 what is theory11 to you?
    8 what age did you get into magic and why
    9 what kind of music do you listen to
    10 favorite kind of sandwich? trick and delicious food
    11 coins of choice
    12 cards of choice type and colour
    13 thoughts on gimmicks
    14 favorite everyday object magic tricks
    15 any tips for aspiring magicians
  11. 1. what are your favorite kinds of reactions to get

    2. when you perform, do you tell a story with the trick or are you direct and just tell everyone what's happening in the trick (like dnd)
  12. Do you think magicians want to be flourishers, or flourishers want to be magicians?
  13. Do you call Cocacola "Soda", or "Pop"?
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    1) What is your thought process like when you piece together different elements of magic to create an effect, or a sleight, etc? Do you piece things together immediately or does it take a lot of thinking and time?

    2) When you heard you were going to be doing something on the show "Fringe", what were you feeling at that exact time?

  15. How did you get your "big break" in magic?
    Why did you start magic?
  16. Have you ever been in other tv shows that are non magic related? or did you be a consultant?

    WHo did you vote for?

    What's your favorite effect Theory11 has released? And the catch is, you can't say flicker.

    How do you handle hecklers? Any stories?:confused::D:confused::D

    What's your favorite part of NEw York.[/COLOR]

    Do you do anything besides coin's and cards?

    Are you married?
  17. idk if this has been said but heres my question

    When you perform for a person, what makes you perform a certain trick for them?

    What is your advice for becoming a well known magician like yourself, DG, WH, or any others?

    Lastly, when did you start doing magic and when did you start to do it professionally (making money)?

    Thanks JB and Doug
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    What made you known in the magic world?

    How did David Blaine find you or vice versa?

    When was your first stage performance and what was it? (if you can remember)

    What are your thoughts on magic as a whole today?

    What do you think of Theory 11 and it's community?

    Sorry if these questions have already been asked, I'm too lazy to read 5 pages worth of questions.

    EDIT: Have you had Gator Boots performed too you?
  19. I only have one

    I only have one question, if you had to forget all of your tricks exept for one, what trick would you want to remember?
  20. What was it like to work with a director telling you what to do... and when on the filming of fringe.BTW, great coin rolls, any chance you will have some more 1on1 coin video's!


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