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  1. To all the students: Have a enjoyable re-entry in school!
    (Luckily here school begins in mid September) ;-)
  2. Haha, I had a fun with creating this. Despite my a bit small hands, I had got a little trouble with totally clean transition from one side of double-sided tape to the other :) Otherwise I did 2 strange moves. 1 - in 0:34 I had to scratch myself, and it seems like I secretly took eraser and vanished there. 2 - I did weird moves on pencil vanish, that's why I called it Crazy or Crazy style (a bit too long to put in a video). Enjoy :)
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  3. Here is my entry, I check an ink pen with a twist.

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  4. my entry for this week
  5. Here's my entry! Even though in the video I say the zippo lighter is magical, it was not the magic prop I used. It is a custom zippo but it is in no way a magic prop. The prop I did use was an ink pen to right the F and the A which is something that engineering students use thus I found it perfect for this contest. Love the entries so far and hope you guys enjoy this one as well. Good luck to all involved!
  6. Nice to see you throwing your hat into the ring! Good luck, Tyler!
  7. It's a very nice effect to be sure, I personally enjoy using it, the only drawback is that the only way for me to perform it at high school is that I need to obtain special permission from the principal (which would be granted) in the event of a Talent Show. Good luck in the judging.
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  8. You could do the reverse and make a hidden message appear by cooling it. I was going to try and make writing appear by using an ice cube appear from my mouth but couldn't justify it for the video.
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  9. The reappearance was something I've been working on for a while now; however, I couldn't make the ink as dark as the original.
  10. I found it to be difficult too and I went to Jeff Stone's Live Lecture and he gave some tips on it. Make sure whatever you are using it with is very cool (the colder the better) and do it slowly. The slower you do it, the more clear it will appear.
  11. Alright guys, time for results! It wasn't easy, but we have come to a decision. A ton of great entries this week, but we can only decide on one winner. With that said, let's get onto the results!

    We picked this week's winner based on creativity, originality, and execution. We felt this entry showcased those three criteria the best overall, as it was a creative and original take on a production, and the execution was solid. Congrats to Stu-pendous for taking home the prize with his effect! Please contact our support team with the details to claim your prize!

    We would also like to extend a few honorable mentions to Sergey Koller, DominusDolorum, and marcopaso for their great performances and ideas. Some really solid stuff there; excellent work!

    See you guys on Saturday for a new contest, and get ready for this Wednesday at 11am EST. You won't want to miss it!
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  12. Congrats Stu-pendous! A well deserved win!
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  13. Wow thanks! I was worried about marcopaso's entry, that one was smooth as hell. Awesome work everyone. This was a fun one.
  14. Congrats Stu-pendous!
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  15. Congrats Stu-pendous! Great video, you are always on top in this kind of contests!
  16. (One day I shall at least get a mention ! *Game face on*)

    Congratulations @Stu-pendous ! Well deserved !
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  17. Congratulations Stu-Pendous!!
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  18. Congrats Stu-pendous.

    They also don't like flash paper, but I should've seen that coming. XD

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