Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double

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  3. Alright guys, time for the results!

    As always, this was a very difficult contest to judge. You guys came out of the gate with some amazing submissions, and we enjoyed looking through all of them! Tonight's contest was judged based on overall deceptiveness and creativity. Some of you kept it simple, while some of you made it very flashy and complex. There were a great variety of submissions, but there can only be two winners based on the criteria.

    With that said, the FIRST PLACE winner is TylerRouss, and the SECOND PLACE winner is nickvlow! Congrats guys! Please send an email to our Support team, and they will hook you up with your prizes!

    We had a fun time going through all of the submissions, and we hope you all had fun coming up with your double lifts! If you stepped out of your comfort zone, learned something new, or had fun with the contest, we are thankful for all of you for stepping up to the challenge and making this week's contest phenomenal. You guys keep us looking forward to every Saturday!

    If you have an idea for an upcoming SNC, please feel free to post it in the What You Think thread (this week's contest was inspired by forum member Petter!). As always, thank you to each and every one of you for entering this week, and we can't wait to see you back later this week for another SNC! :)
  4. oh, now i remember why i dont do these... dude didnt even lift the cards he pointed to...
  5. Really great submissions this weekend - outstanding. Tyler's took the top prize as it showed great deceptiveness and huge practical potential in a broad spectrum of effects. Nickvlow, beautiful work as well! Choosing the top two this week was a difficult challenge.

    Special thanks to everyone who took part in this event this weekend, and as Casey mentioned, never hesitate to post your ideas for future SNC's in the suggestions thread here. We're always listening and grateful for future ideas!
  6. Sorry about the discrepancies.. Thanks for the indirect advice!
  7. thing is.. i can mimic ur move.. you cannot mimic mine.. all im sayin
  8. Just made my month guys! I'm psyched to finally claim the prize.

    After I started seeing some of the entrants I knew I didn't stand a chance from a technical point of view.. so I tried to get a little creative. Exactly the type of thing I was pushing for in my other forum post.

    Thanks a lot guys!

    And congratulations to Nickvlow! Great entry!
  9. Thank you a lot, I didn't expect that I win)

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