Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Collection

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Jun 13, 2013


It's just 14 decks or so, but they are all great :) I do think my favourite deck is the Steampunk deck, or maybe the Hundred Dollar Deck(which is stripper AND marked :))
Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
Here's my entry, good luck everybody! This contest really made me realize how much I need to work on my camera skills..

This display can be a little hard to make out at first, to clarify: The pyramid above the black leather box (where I keep all my bikes) is the royal throne, with the heritage series decks being the royal guard. On left are the aristocrats, who by the kings orders, are sending their greatest warrior to fight the merchant's and commoner's (on the right) greatest warrior. Underneath the duelists are the many fallen warriors from the kings previous whims, and directly behind the fight is the royal court. This is of course how I keep my decks on a day to day basis.. haha. Finally. as I'm sure its hard to read (its upside down), the king is Dani Da'Ortiz himself, my favorite card magician.


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
One word: SPEECHLESS. So many entries this week - and so many incredible collections. From a few decks to a few hundred, your collections looked phenomenal, and made us really proud to see cards displayed in so many ways, around the world. Really, truly speechless. On behalf of our whole team - THANK YOU! Very grateful for the support - it's what motivates, inspires, and empowers us to continue to push the envelope.

This week, the winner was decided not by the quality of your photography, or the quantity of cards - but random. That way, everyone was on a level playing field. We used a random number generator to make the process as truly "random" as reasonably possible, and the result was a win for HanleysMagic. This week, he takes home our prize package including our latest release: White Artisans.

To everyone who participated this week, and to everyone that supports our team - thank you!
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