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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 14, 2013.

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  1. Coin Vanish

    Hi guys, Here's my entry. As always I didn't have much time but I hope you like the trick.
    Thanks, and good luck to everyone : P

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    My entry

    Here it is! A coin penetration. Yeah, yeah, I know you think you've seen them all. And although this one definitely isn't the best, it might fool ya. Everything can be examined and borrowed. Nothing is palmed throughout the entire effect. Have fun figuring it out!
  3. Can business cards that look like playing cards be used?
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    I'm proud of this one guys. Good luck to everyone!

    Also, I want to address something that came up last time I uploaded this effect. I entered this into an SNC called "impossible location" a while back, and a few people who saw the video accused me of using a duplicate dvd. I tried to think of any and all ways that I could disprove that, and I could not come up with anything greater than my word, or the method. For the sake of this contest, I give both. There really is only one disc being used throughout, I promise, and if you don't believe me or just want to know how its done, feel free to PM me.
  5. Inspired by Calen Morelli (some video of his)

    Oh boy ! I'm not quite sure that I stand a chance of winning with this (coz I'm a Flourisher &not a magician) but I'm still proud of it so I decided to post it. Its not completely original but you can say more than 50%
  6. Good Luck to all !
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