Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Lotto!

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  1. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great start to a wonderful St. Patrick's Day weekend! I have a pack of one of the newest deck releases in our store (now sold out!) - Tavern on the Green! I have just taken out two random cards from the deck and placed them face down on the table. Your job is to correctly predict which two cards I pulled out of the deck (No Jokers or Ad cards). Each member gets two guesses, so make them count! The format of your prediction should look like this:

    Card 1: (insert card here)
    Card 2: (insert card here)

    Card 1: (insert card here)
    Card 2: (insert card here)

    Your guesses should be posted in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, March 17th. After time is up, we will go through all predictions and come to a winner. The first person to correctly guess or come the closest to guessing the 2 cards will walk home with the prize!

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points and a 5 Deck assortment of Tavern on the Green, Green National, Green Tycoon, High Victorian, and Green Monarchs, shipped on the house anywhere in the world.

    Do you have the luck of the Irish?
  2. I definitely don't have the luck of the Irish, but here goes.

    Card 1: King of Hearts
    Card 2: 10 of Spades

    Card 1: 2 of Hearts
    Card 2: 7 of Diamonds

    Good luck to all!
  3. Card 1: 4 of Hearts
    Card 2: Jack of Clubs

    Card 1: Ace of Spades
    Card 2: Jack of Diamons
  4. Here goes nothing!
    Good luck to everybody!
    Card 1: 4 of Hearts
    Card 2: 5 of Clubs

    Card 1: King of Clubs
    Card 2: Ace of Spades
  5. Card 1: 10 of Diamonds
    Card 2: Queen of Hearts

    Card 1: 9 of Spades
    Card 2: Jack of Diamonds
  6. 5 diamonds
    4 clubs

    2 spades
    jack hearts
  7. K of Clubs
    7 of clubs

    10 of clubs
    A of clubs
  8. Card 1: 7 of Spades
    Card 2: Ace of Diamonds

    Card 1: 7 of Diamonds
    Card 2: 4 of Diamonds
  9. Card 1: 7 of Hearts
    Card 2: Ace of Clubs

    Card 1: Jack of Diamonds
    Card 2: Jack of Hearts
  10. Card 1: 3 of Diamonds
    Card 2: King of Hearts

    Card 1: 8 of Clubs
    Card 2: 2 of Spades
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  11. Card 1: Jack of Clubs
    Card 2: Two of Hearts

    Card 1: 5 of Diamonds
    Card 2: 9 of Spades
  12. 1. Two Of Spades
    2. Four Of Diamonds

    1. Ace Of Clubs
    2. Nine Of Hearts
  13. Card 1: Two of Clubs
    Card 2: Seven of Diamonds

    Card 1: Six of Clubs
    Card 2: Queen of Clubs
  14. Card 1: Seven of Spades
    Card 2: Four of Hearts

    Card 1: King of Diamonds
    Card 2: Eight of Clubs
  15. Card 1: Six of Clubs
    Card 2: Five of Clubs

    Card 1: King of Clubs
    Card 2: Ten of Diamonds
  16. Card 1: Jack of Hearts
    Card 2: 9 of Clubs

    Card 1: 6 of Diamonds
    Card 2: 9 of Diamonds
  17. 4 of diamonds
    8 of hearts

    8 of clubs
    Jack of hearts
  18. Thanks for hosting this contest!
    IMG_1471 copy.jpg
  19. Green decks are always my favorite! This contest is one Ive been hoping for! Thanks Theory11!
  20. Card 1: 3 of hearts
    Card 2: jack of clubs

    Card 1: 7 of diamonds
    Card 2: 2 of spades

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