Saturday Night Contest - The Cardistry Olympics

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  1. The Cardistry Olympics

    This is my program for the Olympics

  2. I have only been flourishing for a bit over a week so this video is just a bit of fun!
  3. [video=youtube;xcNczp5GXxc][/video]

    Im not big into cardistry, and this video doesnt have much of it (depending on your definition of cardistry), but neverthless, here it is. Good luck to all!
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  6. Man, I hope you place. It was very smooth and the music reminded me of the Olympics nice job :)
  7. This is my entry, sorry I had no time to put up music. Hope it's still good. It's my first ever vid of me performing something and I was quite a bit stressed. Not sure why, but my hands were shaky. Nonetheless, I think the result is still good. Enjoy!
  8. sry reuploaded 'cause youtube runied my video by fixing crap sry: here it's
  9. comparedto the rest of the entries, this is garbage, but here ya go. but i just got back from vacation like an hour ago. also i made things up as i went along.
  10. Alright guys! The Cardistry Olympics have just come to an end. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to compete tonight, and most of all, HAVE FUN! It was amazing to see so many of you come out this week and show your chops. Judging this contest was not easy, as we have to decide on THREE winners! I wish all of you could take home a prize for how awesome your videos were, but it unfortunately has to come down to just 3.

    This contest was all about showing your style, what flourishes you like, and how well you could put them together - all in 30 seconds, and in an uncut performance. It's not easy getting 30 seconds worth of flourishes down without messing up at least once, but a lot of you pulled that off tonight. It was great!

    Without anymore waiting, I will present the 3 winners of this week's contest.....

    GOLD: AxelHaard

    SILVER: Dalv666

    BRONZE: L3X11

    Congrats to all winners! The judging was not easy, believe me. These guys up here definitely deserve the winning spots, as each of their entries were unique, and showed their uncut chops the best they could.

    If you are a winner, please contact our support team with all of your mailing info and what slot you placed in, so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    The light of the Cardistry Olympics is now out, but another flame still stands. That's right, another theory11 Olympic Series is coming back later this week. What is it? Check back this Saturday at 7:30pm EDT! See you guys there!
  11. I think L3X11 should win the gold.....2 people flourishing together without any mistakes, feeding each other cards into each other's flourishes...that's awesome!!!
  12. I would have agreed with you, but it was only about 18 seconds of flourishing. The rest was small additions (ie, camera focusing in and out)
  13. Thanks :)

    thanks my friend.
    but maybe like RediSpades says, we didn't get the Gold probably because of "the lack of the flourishes".
    And we are still happy to be able to get the Bronze.

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