Saturday Night Contest - The Carrot Cake Challenge

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Jun 23, 2013
So many tricks with none everyday objects!
A deck of cards is not a everyday object.
Same thing with a Pool ball...

The idea of this contest was to design tricks with everyday objects; that is why they named Daniel Garcia.
Oct 29, 2011
a pool ball is an everyday object,what they are asking is for you not to post something with a weird looking box
a pool ball, a book, something you can easily find in most places


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Nov 3, 2012
i see what your saying. but if like Sashacrespi is saying, the whole meaning is not to have a funky looking gimmick. what they are basically saying is, create an effect with something you could find in any house. plus every house has at least one deck of cards. they are used for more than just magic for example, card games (poker, go fish, war, etc.).
Jun 23, 2013
I understand what you mean, but a Pool Ball or deck of cards not, what come into mind
when you think about magic with everyday objects. And this is the main idea of this contest.
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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
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Hey everyone!

Thanks for participating this week! We had a fun time watching what you all came up with! Several videos really stood out this week. fgab4 had a really fun video, but it was posted last year and was not created new for this contest. As such it could not be the winning video. We also really liked Sashacrespi's entry.

All said and done, we found one video that really took on the spirit of this weekend's challenge, creating a magic trick with every day objects. The winner performed simple, clean, effortless magic with something we see everyday. I could imagine seeing him do this out of the blue to friends or strangers when out and about, and getting killer reactions. Tonight's winner is Rory.Adams! Congrats! Message me and the rest of the support team at and we will hook you up with your prize.

Thanks for joining in everyone, and we will catch you all next week!

// L
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