Saturday Night Contest - The Carrot Cake Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZachMueller, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone, today is Saturday, and it's time for another round of our Saturday Night Contests. This week, inspired by our Expose segment with Daniel Garcia yesterday - and his birthday - we're hosting a challenge to create a trick. Here's how it works:

    Daniel Garcia is phenomenally talented at creating powerful tricks using normal, everyday objects - from bills to cards to coins, and even cell phones. Your challenge tonight is to create a new, original trick of your own using objects around your house. You can use anything that's in your house right now to create your trick: paperclips, bills, water bottles, rice, or Pop Tarts. Whatever you want. The more creative, the better.

    You have 24 hours to create, practice, and FILM your effect. Once you're ready, post a link to your video in response to this forum thread. The deadline is tomorrow, Sunday, at 7:30pm EST. Our winner this week will take home 1,000 Elite Member Points and a Daniel Garcia Prize Package: Pressure, FIVE, and Symphony. Effects will be judged based on creativity and overall impact.

    Good luck, everyone! Now, go make some magic happen!

    - Zach Mueller
  2. Good luck, everyone! May the best trick win.
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    Improved handiling for 8 ball

  4. That was cool but you kept dropping your hands out of frame in which I knew something was up, the idea is nice but you have to realize how unnatural it looks to take your hand out of frame and then all of a sudden be there.
  5. hey zack ....big fan ..........i see you online so can you answer that's will make my day ....please say anything
  6. Here's mine, hope you like it :)

  7. i have now modified the handling,and now it is 100 % doable in real life,but obviously,you have to be aware of your angles (not as bad as you think)
    here is my entry. hope you guys like it. no pulls, no dropping from camera view, no holes, no camera tricks, no kidding. i have amazed a bunch of people with this utility device and you can too very soon!!!
  9. Hi, here is my one of my favorite impromptu effects.
    You need a tic tac box and a borrowed coin.
    Good luck.
  10. Awesome


    Any candy with a wrapper
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    Here's my entry to this awesome contest:

    A three phase Paperclip on Rubberband routine, you can perform in the real world, I came up with exactly 8 hours ago ;)
    Even though the performance is not perfect, I still hope you enjoy it...
    With a little bit of practise there are always some improvements possible.


    No fancy gimmicks (There's a small "thing" involved, that everyone has laying around the house)
    Not limited to Rubberbands (Do it with Paperclips, Headphones, Strings, ... )
    Pretty good angles (Actually there's one bad angle, but this not a problem ;) )
    Left completely examinable
    The Clip is really on the Rubberband
    No invisible thread
    No frame Dropping (of course)
    No camera tricks (obviously)
    Fun to perform

    Good luck everyone, even though I hope soo much, that ... ;)

    - Konrad
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