Saturday Night Contest - The Facebook Card Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. ahh.almost mine is 9 of hearts..:(
  2. OMG!!!!!!!
    I never win anything!!!!!!
    (Execept in 2nd grade, I won a 2 liter pop in a raffle.)
  3. Now I can't say that anymore. People will have find some other reason to feel bad for me. Ah well.
  4. Pop? What is this pop?

    I'm just kidding of course, I just don't hear people say pop often haha.
  5. Congrats! Check your PM's today for information on how to claim your prize! This was one of two bottles made like it - made at Magic-Con 2010 by Jamie and hand delivered to myself and Dan and Dave. It's two of a kind. The cellophane is still on the deck (sealed); it looks amazing!

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  6. C'mon JB can't there be some kind of runner up? I guessed the 10 of D. it's the right number and the right color. Please :)
  7. You get your very own virtual pat on the back! *patpat*

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