Saturday Night Contest - The Facebook Card Challenge

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  1. Tonight we bring you a VERY special Saturday Night Contest - Facebook Edition. You need a real Facebook account to participate, so if you don't have one yet, make one. It has to be legit.

    In a nutshell, we took one RED card and put it in a BLUE deck - and we recorded a video of us doing it. The video will be posted shortly. We posted a picture on Facebook showing all 52 possibilities - your task is simply to tag yourself as the card YOU think it is.

    Note that in order to win, you have to tag yourself TWICE - as the suit AND value. So if you think the card is the Queen of Hearts, tag the Queen and tag the Heart to your name. You can only tag yourself to identify ONE card.

    NOTE: If you're getting an error saying "limit of tags has been reached" - post your guess HERE in this theory11 forum thread!

    Link to theory11 Facebook:

    The prize tonight is an Impossible Bottle by Jamie Grant with a deck of SMOKE&MIRRORS v4 sealed inside. We will announce the winner at 11:00pm EST tonight and post a video to prove it. If multiple people select the winning card, then only ONE winner will receive the bottle (at random) - the rest of the winners will receive a deck of White Centurions. Think about it - commit - then get tagging. Good luck!
  2. I finally got my Facebook account fully deleted, so I guess I'll pass. Sounds like fun though, enjoy.
  3. it wont let me tag it...?
  4. Fixed - try it now!
  5. Okidoke! Hope I win, I really want one of those bottles.
  6. it wont let me tag twice now? i'm pretty facebook illiterate so it could be more.

    EDIT: i just typed my name once and tagged myself once. does that work?

    EDIT 2.0: JB? are you allowed to compete?!
  7. How do you tag yourself? :D sorta new to facebook.
  8. I can tag me twice in the picture !
    And how you can reconize us on the picture !
  9. Yep - you are all set. I added a note in the description to clarify this - you may have to manually type out your name to tag yourself the second time.
  10. Can someone answer my question? I dont know how to tag myself in the photo? Can someone tell me how?
  11. This is icky. I don't have a Facebook. Why not make it applicable to MySpace as well?

  12. There will be a TAG button just below the picture on the right hand side. See image attached to this post.

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  13. I would like to know as well, I googled it, and it says there's supposed to be a link in the bottom right, but I don't see one.
  14. Log into your Facebook account. Go to that picture. Near the bottom left, there's a link that says 'Tag This Photo', click that. When you mouse over the picture, the cursor will turn into crosshairs. Click the card value you want, select your name. Then click the card suit you want, and you'll have to type in your name. That should do ya.
  15. There is no link, do I have to add theory11 as a friend first?
  16. PS: I think if someone tags a card that's already been tagged, it overwrites the original tag, JB. For instance, I took 4C and now some else's name is over the 4 :)
  17. And how do you reconize us ?
  18. hmm.. I cant see the tag button anywhere.. The button of my page looks like this.

    How they know what you tagged.. at the bottom it shows your name.. When you go over it it says what your tagged as.
  19. Optical Illusion -

    I believe you must first be a "fan" of theory11 on Facebook. Head to and hit the button to add yourself as a fan, and it should work. Let me know if that does the trick.
  20. The same thing is happening to me. It could be because I've only had my account for a few minutes, maybe.

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