Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

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    Okay, so I didn't make this tonight, but I took the photos tonight. Hope that's alright. :)

    My entry was to attach the faces of theory11 artists onto card houses. They wanted a house of cards, I gave them a house of cards, literally. I think they also wanted theory11 artists... I gave them theory11 artists. :)

    Flickr URLs: - 1 - 2 - 3

    1. Wayne Houchin, Chris Kenner, Andrei Jikh
    2. Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher
    3. J. Bayme


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  2. Haha @ Phenomena. Busted indeed.

    jrob, I like yours :)
  3. I wanted to go with something a little different, something other than a house of cards. So instead I tried to do something artistic and create a fan of cards out of decks of cards.

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  4. my submission

    this is my bird that i made out of cards. enjoy! it took me like 2 hours!

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  5. Cards

    The planter box was just watered and I came up with this.

    This is where the gnomes live.

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  6. are mod's elligible? haha, and you have such a "that guy" pose

    thank's praetoritevong
  7. i tried :)

    not enough cards/patience/care to do this tonight lol

  8. Are mods eligible? Maybe. Maybe not. But is that sexy bod eligible? Hell yes.
  9. my other submission

    here is better pics of the bird[​IMG] and [​IMG]
  10. here's mine but i didn't use tape or anything.
    had trouble taking a whole picture of it though.

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  11. Submission

    Hey everyone. Here is my submission. It was A LOT harder than it seems. haha. Enjoy guys.

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  12. ARRGGGH....... very nice.... congrats on the win
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  14. Still 29 minutes left...but yeah, I think that's a winner.
  15. This is my submission, I hope you all like it! (The first submission with a smile!):)

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  16. gef

    enjoy my construction on the house of cards

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  17. Well, maybe you'll reconsider after seeing my KLEENEX BOX OF CARDS!!
    Picture 8.jpg

    I need to get out more.
  18. The use of cards for those with seasonal allergies.

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