Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Haha this is mine, a laptop completely made of playing cards and a crappload of them i might add:) Lots of tape too.
  2. ...

    Uh.... ......

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  3. Haha, I swear, I had that exact same idea ;)

    Nice work / execution mate :D
  4. Thanks haha. 5 or 6 decks are in that thing (bottom too), its really heavy too! haha I didn't have enough time to make the disk tray or usb ports:p
  5. Ok, I finally finished it, it's...Bayme, made of cards, springing a deck of cards! :)


  6. Dude thats really cool, you were 20 minutes late though=/
  7. Oh my god....You're right...I read the post wrong...I'm gonna go kill myself now... :(
  8. these are my creation. all done without any glue or tape

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  9. Wow! Crazy cool entries tonight, and a LOT of outside the box concepts. In particular, I'd like to hereby extend a formal shout out to demon5magic for making me laugh out loud at the awesomeness and creativity (although was posted 20 minutes after deadline). Great work tonight by everyone who entered.

    We could only pick one winner this evening, and I think TheCardician takes home the prize with his submission here. It's innovative, unique, intricate, but simple - very, very well done. Congrats to our winner, and hope everyone had a good time in the process. Until next week!
  10. Edited (i was misread it too)
  11. Crap, serious? I swear that I read 12 PM EST as the deadline, not the awards... I could have had this up way earlier if I paid attention. No matter, it would be a shame now to not enter it.

    With my wedding now less than a week away (next Saturday morning) my fiance suggested I do a wedding cake. It was fun to do, and it killed a bunch of random cards that have had nothing better to do for months.


    Thanks anyway. It was still fun, just a little anti-climatic.

  12. Wow I really like this one. Very nice

  13. That's exactly what I did too, it's always confusing when they put two times on there...but hey, he put my submission on his FaceBook, so that's still a win for me! :)

    Nice job everyone, and congrats to TheCardician.
  14. EST hasn't reach 11pm
  15. EST is now 11:54. WAY past. Trust me, I already found out the hard way.
  16. Saturday night contests almost always have a deadline of 11:00pm on the east coast (here). In the future, we will try to make it ultra clear exactly when the deadline is (in bold, red, flashing neon letters).

    Lyle, jasonffx - AWESOME submissions.
  17. Wow. Thanks so much. Really sorry to all of you who mis-interpreted the deadline. It's happened to me before in the past. Again, thanks Jonantan Bayme. Really appreicate it. My 3 hours of work paid off. Haha. =) How can I claim the prize?
  18. Haha, yea, I know better. I see the contests here all the time and know the usual deadline, but when I actually decided to enter and quick set up my timeline to get things done, I did it all wrong in my head.

    It's all good. Next time.


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