Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

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    This took the better part of two hours, considering that I used no tape and two decks, one deck of Studs and one deck of Vipers. Looks rickety, I know...


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  2. Ya, you've got non-vimeo-seeing-herpes, it's a serious std, early symptoms cause you to see black in place of the video.

    Actually I'm fixing it now.
  3. here is the winner. it took me 5 hours, 1 roll of tape, 10 tubs of glue, 1 deck of cards, and 1 card house

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  4. here's mine


    looks imposible ha ?
    no tape YAA
  5. This involved no glue or tape. Hope you like it.

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    my masterpeice

    i set to work straight away on a somewhat ambitious structure, i opted not to use any adhesives and go colorful by using different types of cards for the different layers. the plan was to build a 5 card high and 5 card wide tower, a difficult but not unattainable dream. so after working tirelessly for what felt like hours (probably about 45 mins) i found myself at the final layer with only a few cards needed to complete my gargantuan tower ....
    these final card would lead me to the structure you see below....

    I became wildly frustrated at this stage but powered through the pain and heartbreak and decided that i was going to make an entry even if it killed me but was not going to put myself trough another attempt at this heartbreaking feat that i had "failed" at once before no no, i concluded that i had to think outside the box on this one which ironically lead me inside the box and to my house of card masterpiece

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  7. [​IMG]

    this picture looks like it is moving to symbolize how Theory 11 is moving the magic industry forward in to the future
  8. Here's mine.


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    yeahh, I misread the thread.

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  10. made my day

    an to the guy with the guitar..
    i've could of done this with my BCrich i own you
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    My Entry

    Here is my entry, I swear I posted this 15 minutes ago (I've been counting) and it has yet to come up so here it is (possibly) again. Sorry if it ever ended up showing up. My entry shows the mysteries of T11, and the mysterious people. You can see 11 hidden 11 times, and your job is to figure out where. There is also one T at the top to make T11. I will post the answers now so dont look if you want to figure out. Plus bigger versions can be found at:


    1. The cards on which the structure lays is made up of 11 cards.
    2. The structure is of the roman numerals XI which is 11. The I is intersecting the X. It has rotational symmetry and there-for it can be seen from 4 different angles.
    3. See 2
    4. See 2
    5. See 2
    6. The three face up cards the structure lies on can be added to equal 11.
    7. The two upright cards at the bottem can be added to equal 11.
    8. The card in the upper left corner is a jack which translated to numbers equals 11.
    9. See 8 but use bottem left corner.
    10. See 8 but use bottem right corner.
    11. See 8 but use upper right corner.

    Also another way my house of cards resembles T11 is if you look at the photobucket links they are in black-and-white, T11/D+M style.

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  12. Sigh. I was working on mine for the past 2 and a half hours and it was looking really good. But I ran into so many problems I had to quit. I lost about 10 decks in this. =( Oh well. Good luck to everyone who is able to enter.
  13. Compared to Mitchell's tee-pee, this could give Bill Gate's mansion a run for it's money! :p

  14. 18 minutes

    17 minutes

    16 minutes

    15 minutes
  15. 14 minutes

    13 minutes

    12 minutes

    11 minutes

    10 minutes

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