Saturday Night Contest - Traditional Card Lotto!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Queen of Hearts.
  2. queen of hearts
  3. All the cards have been posted, who won?
  4. Beat you to it. But somebody beat us both to the punch.

    Wish there'd be another SNC that requires some sort of skill or work without a guessing game feel to it.
  5. Jack of Diamonds
  6. Queen Of Spades
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    guarantee Joker And if it hasn't been said normal joker I know it will be the 3 of diamonds but since it has already been guessed so My Final guess: Joker
  8. At this point there's no point to guessing, all the cards have been guessed already. But oh well, I'll guess anyway.

    5 of hearts
  9. 10 of spades
  10. ten of hearts
  11. Nine of Hearts
  12. Queen of clubs
  13. 10 posts a page, 12 pages. Maybe 10 or so posts that aren't guesses. Thats still 110 guesses for a 52 card deck.
  14. 8 of hearts (8H)
  15. I don't know who is shuffling so the number of cards in the deck varies. I'm a person that likes to keep the jokers in my deck so I'd go with the JOKER! (if applicable, the JOKER with guarantee printed on it) lol
  16. 10 of spades
  17. SNL Contest

    3 of Clubs
  18. Saturday Night Contest

    8 of Clubs

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