Saturday Night Contest - Traditional Card Lotto!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. I got this!
    The Five Of Diamonds
  2. People.. There is only 52 cards to a deck 54 with jokers there has been much more than 54 guesses there's no point in guessing now
  3. And the fact that it's 11:00....
  4. 8 of diamonds
  5. did anyone say the tree of clubs?
  6. About 10-20 people, probably.
  7. 8 of spades.
  8. the three of clubs of course, but what about the tree of clubs?
  9. some of the people that replied probably guessed the same card.. not everyone would've went back to make sure they got a different card.. so 54 guesses could've been at the same 10 cards, I know that's not completely true, but I'm saying that there could be unmentioned cards left
  10. 7 of diamonds
  11. Alrighty guys! Sorry for the delay in posting the results!

    Without further a due, the winning card is....


    The winner who guessed the card first is Jabarlocker! Send me a PM of what combo you want (of our 3 new decks) and your address. It will be coming to you on the house!

    Thanks for the participation guys! You guys rock!
  12. Queen of Diamonds :)
  13. aww darn. 1 suit off.

    maybe next time =)
  14. Congrats Jabarlocker!
  15. Congrats Jabarlocker! Nice pick!
  16. Saturday Night Contest Traditional Card Lotto

    Yes, but what will Junior think of all the screaming from the teenagers?

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