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  1. Do a contest for best done classic effect.
  2. I think you should hide links all over the place, to images maybe? And then have a hide-and-seek contest!
    Those are really fun!
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    After this weeks competition its pretty plain to see that Theory11 has a few issues with their Competitions judging. A dude won with BASIC sleight of hand skills. The competition was for a CHRISTMAS THEMED illusion. Not just making something appear, disappear and then transpose that happened to be "tiny" Christmas objects.

    Anyway, I'm not going to rant, I've very new to this site and have already seen where people get frustrated about the "judging" here.

    I used a few original methods in my video, granted one of them was sloppy, FOR ME AT LEAST.
    Anyway, Best of luck to all future entries and I hope you all have a happy Christmas.

    So, I went back and checked out LAST weeks competition and noticed that the EXACT SAME dude won THAT competition using the EXACT same trick/method...THAT is freaking hilarious. Especially since a guy started a post mentioning this weeks "competition" and the Judge said that they were looking for "ORIGINALITY" then LOCKED it.

    Can we say "CON-TRADICTION"???
  4. I agree with you . I'm new on the Wire , next week end I will prepare a very good trick , to hope win haha
  5. I have an idea for the next SNC : Coin penetration
  6. I'm kind of new to the Saturday Night Contest thing. How do I find it, and how do I participate?
  7. Near the end of the day on Saturday, check out the General Discussion forums and check regularly until the contest is up. Then do what it says (which is often to upload a video to youtube, vimeo, or instagram using some contest guidlines) and give the link to that video in a reply on the thread.
  8. I agree that the judging is not entirely fair. A few weeks ago, a guy won 2nd place in a contest that was about FOOLING the judges with what I may describe as "producing a bunch of coins 'out of nowhere' after shoving his hand in his pocket and taking it out in a clenched fist". The 1st place was a rightful win though. That fooled everybody. But the guy who played with a lighter the entire video and in the end took coins out of the pocket? There were far better entries in the contest.
  9. just throwing my voice in here again as well, I have definitely had some problems with the judging in the past.
  10. person to design the best joker wins. the winner gets a white monarchs deck.
  11. You should do a contest where you are only allowed to use two playing cards.
  12. I liked the one where you chose a card at random and asked what card was chosen
  13. Hey, I'm that guy who won the second place and let me start by saying you need some glasses, here's the video so you can watch it again

    The second thing, you say there where far better entries... Please if you have time post them here or send me an email telling me why it's better and I apologize, but I watched every single entry and I still don't know why I didn't won that night, but that's not the case, the thing is even the guy who won 1st place the effect itself is just unpractical and I still believe that to win this kind of contest you should be able to come up with something you can do in real life, in a real situation. That should be the first thing the judges take in count.

    Just in case anyone wants to see the contest thread:
  14. I like the Fake Exposure ones!! They always make me laugh and are making a difference!
  15. How about a "Masters Of Deception" contest, it is a contest which sees if magicians can fool a master magician with their own powerful pieces of magic.
  16. contest

    who doe s the best ambitious card routine?
  17. No contest it is Daryl.
  18. How about something utilizing dice?
  19. Indeed! And perhaps it's good timing in honour of The Code winning the Thurston Award!
  20. It's been a while since there's been a trailer contest, and after seeing how short and sweet the new trailer was for the Mystery Deck, I'd like to see a contest like that; a trailer showing off a T11 deck in 60seconds or less but the trailer must be in tune and have the same 'theme' as the deck.
    Plus it's free advertising? xD

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