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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I'd love to see a contest where we have to create magic tricks with objects chosen by you.
  2. Tell a story using cards -
  3. Whens info on tonight's contest revealed
  4. Not for several more hours, as of this posting it's 9 am PDT and Noon EDT in the US.

    || Steven
  5. I think that it should be a quiz and the most correct answers win.
  6. 'Break' fake reveal!
  7. Kinda early don't you think? Wait for the trick to come out first.
  8. What about an original ace production :)
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  9. First, I'm loving the new TXI logo in the videos!

    Second, with the release of SubRosa and in the spirit of keeping it a guarded secret, how about a fake reveal contest?
  10. The fake trailer for Countrrfeit was the most fun contest I've participated in.

    I hope the fake trailer contest won't happen in the next couple weeks (which will mean it more than likely happens).

    If I can get my equipment here by then, I look forward in competing against you.
  11. For a Saturday night contest, you could do a competition for who can draw the coolest back design for a card. The designers of most of the t11 decks would be the judges, and the back design could be featured in Expose.
  12. Best picture of any playing cards win! Mulpltiple entries allowed
    Picture shows quality and should be appealing, it's that simple !!!
  13. Do a contest on making or doing something in the styling of a magic or cardistry video.

    Caveat, no flourishing of an item and no magic being done to an item
  14. I thought about this...
    A recreation (photo or video) of any famous movie/series scene but including magic instead of whatever they were doing on that particular scene...
    I don´t know if I'm clear, but I would like to see what the contestants have in their minds :D
  15. I think it would be really cool if Theory11 got to do something that would bring people out of their comfort zone. Take all the magicians and try to challenge them to make their own flourish and create a cool video along with it. Then take all of the cardists and challenge them to make a performance video. That way magicians are challenged with the video film making and the creative buzz of creating cardistry, and cardists hone their skills to create a magic trick.

    Another idea would be to kind of do the how many jelly beans in the jar kind of thing, but with playing cards.

    Another idea would be a kind of treasure hunt, like who created Genesis V1 and V2, take the last letter of his first name and... and so on. You could set a timer so the person with the lowest time can win.

    Maybe even post a completely new original flourish/magic trick and see who can create the best video and performance with the move.

    Theory11 puts out a lot of advertisements. What if some graphic designers competed in a contest to feature their ad on Theory11's Instagram or on the website itself.
  16. yeah, there should be more flourishing contests ^^
  17. A contest of who can make the tallest tower with cards.
  18. make the best effect using something completely random like a pecan or a pan or pot and the winner gets their effect posted on the wire and a free deck of their choice (or something else, whatever you want the prize to be)
  19. how do you find the sat. night contests?o_O
  20. They get posted in the general discussion section every Saturday at 7:30 EST

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