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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. thank you so much!
  2. :)
  3. Will this year big SNC of cardistry?
  4. Keep the SNC flash deadlines. 24 hours is too long. And I agree with adding a sense of urgency to the contests. I think this will promote more frequent creativity sparks.
  5. I believe that keeping 24 hour deadlines for the SNCs should be implemented again.

    While the shorter deadline does promote urgency, they don't do much for our friends overseas, as well as us parents who cannot put our kids down to sleep urgently in order to participate.

    Plus, what's wrong with having more players in the contests?
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  6. There should be a mix of short and 24hours deadline, I can understand that 24 hrs deadline is favoured by most but like said shorter deadlines creates urgency plus it gives some opportunity for the less skilled or beginners to have a chance of winning as in a short deadline contest some skilled users might miss the chance of getting their entries, thats what I think, and if there is going to be short deadline, just give a headsup through twitter or fb one or 2 days early
  7. Maybe a majority of 24 hour, a couple of 12 hours, and a flash event spread out once in a while.
  8. I personally enjoy the shorter deadline like it used to be a few years ago; I agree with the urgency it creates and for some contests I think 24hours is far too long.

    That being said though...did I miss the MC² for 2015? Or did that not happen?
    Particularly enjoyed seeing the Burt Wonderstone entries and the one from 2014; that one, understandably, had a much longer deadline of 2 weeks if I remember correctly.
    Always great to see the work that are put into those videos! Would like to see that again soon if it hasn't happen yet!
  9. I'm not a big fan of the short SNCs that end at 11 EST. There are some contests, namely guessing contests, that do not need to be open for a full 24 hours. After all, these contests are pure luck and take little to no time or skill.

    However, video contests that require setup, filming, and possibly re-shooting should not be shortened as it puts a rush on the entries, to the point where you were either able to perform beforehand or you aren't, there is no time to practice.
  10. To make note on behalf of the user sethw,

    The SNC rules may need some clarification as to how much they can be bent without being disqualified. If a video is supposed to be 10 seconds, how many seconds can it be over? Is 11 seconds forgivable but 12 crosses the line too far? Should a phrase that can be interpreted a couple different ways be completely clarified 100% so that nobody accidentally misses out on an opportunity to do something different and/or better?

    I agree with the frustration that could arise from misunderstanding of the rules, so I figured I'd put this out there as feedback.

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  11. How about phone magic, like what Dan White did with phone through glass. Or even just magic with tech in genneral, like the cutting earphones prank by Joshua Norbido. That would be cool
  12. Ohh! What about funniest card throwing fails.
  13. SNC IDEA:

    Do it yourself gaff cards
  14. This is a really cool aspect of the forum, and as a new member I can't wait to see what's in store for tonight's contest.

  15. We have had a lot of serious contests for a while. We are in dire need of another fake reveal or something where hilarity can ensue
  16. I really don't have much of a clue what a good fake reveal consists of, got any tips?
  17. How about you do a fake reveal of the invisible deck...and the whole time you are doing're just holding your hands as if there is a deck... later in the video you reveal you are a master of cardistry and you basically do ANY and EVERY move you can think this point the video should split up into two screens. You on the left with your "invisible deck" and on the right some cardist like Andre Jikh or Dan and Dave doing stuff...and your doing the same thing...but in reality your REALLY just using your hands and moving them around... Then later in the video you "reveal" other SECRET moves that mostly everybody knows...but they can't pull it off except for you, because you have that "touch". You have the deck in your hands SLAM you hands together and the deck is gone...It has now appeared in your pocket. See where I'm going with this? Anyways...for the actual "fake reveal" the secret is you get a deck of GOLD MONARCHS ONLY and put it inside a fedora for EXACTLY 11 days, 11 minutes, and eleven seconds...then you get it out and WITHIN 11 seconds you put it in a paper bag...and put it in the freezer. Once you get it out in say....eleven months it is now an invisible deck...Do whatever the hell you want with it.

    Then say REAL MAGIC while the camera zooms in REALLY CLOSE to your mouth. The video ends. Idk. Just a idea...

    Also... @Justin-morris.216 ( )

    P.S What....? You don't have a fedora? Too bad... It sucks.. I know.

  18. Could you start providing a link to the winning entry so we don't have to go digging through the old ones to remember which one it was?
  19. Design a joker or an ace of spades.

    Best magic reactions.
  20. Best magic surprise

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