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  1. Design a poster of favourite Theory11 deck.
  2. I think I may have mentioned this before, but there should be another huge T11 film contest soon, like the Magic x Cardistry MC2 a couple years ago, or the Burt Wonderstone contest, where you were given 2 weeks to make your best cinematic video, with the prize being something like a gross of Monarchs like last time.

    With all the new members and being in the middle of the summer I think it'd be great to have it soon with the 2 week deadline that was given for the previous contest, to round out the summer!
    @j.bayme @Casey Rudd
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  3. That is a great idea!
  4. What if you post a video of an effect that can't be found anywhere. And the competition is that we have to figure out an original way to do the same effect.
  5. Looping videos! That should be a SNC one night.

    Like Bas John on Instagram specializes in them if you aren't aware.
    Below are examples.

    I know that before there have been Zach King style Vine contests - where simple editing is allowed to achieve an effect, not necessarily magic but more whimsical like Zach King.

    So with the Instagram Boomerang app, or if you can simple edit, or even perform it perfectly over and over again - to have a looping contest, of who can do or have the best looking loops!

    @Casey Rudd @j.bayme @Lyle Borders
  6. I don't think that I have contributed an idea to this post, so here is a good one I came up with. You know how some people get honorable mentions on Saturday Night Contests. What if beginning this Saturday (because I don't want to seem like I just came up with this to benefit myself) we start tallying up how many honorable mentions we get and if we get a certain number of Honorable Mentions we get say 100 elite membership points for every 3 honorable mentions. I'll let Theory11 work with the exact numbers. Just an idea to work with.
  7. Heh, I have an idea for that.
  8. Uncut cardistry video
  9. Wow your audience in 5 seconds
  10. How can we create our personal design of cards ?
    Is there a Programm to do it ?
  11. There are plenty of ways; I'm using Adobe Illustrator for a current project.

    Also, I recently had an idea for a SNC. How about we try to create vintage style magic posters based on ourselves? I enjoy the classic artwork of the golden age of magic, and I think it'd be fun to try to recreate that style.
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  12. 1) A contest seeing who can come up with the best contest idea ;)
    2) One on the best magic related joke/pun
  13. Create a routine: who creates the best routine by combining any tricks, condition: there should be at least three effects in the routine
  14. Contests where beginners can also participate.
  15. There's actually plenty of those.

    - Random guess contests
    - Instagram picture contests
    - Fake magic exposure contests
    - 'Arts n crafts' contests

    Just tune in every week.
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  17. On which days of the week are the contests typically announced? Mondays?
  18. Saturday night at 7:30 PM EST
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    Also, the contests last for 27 hours. They end at 11:00pm* EST the following Sunday.

    However, in rare circumstances, some contests have had odd time Windows. In the two years I have been in the site, I have seen only two contests last for 4 hours, and 1 that lasted two weeks

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  20. A contest of the best gaff card or cards. You need to upload the pic here or on instaram with #Theory11 and the next week upload a video with four diferent effects using those gaff cards (or card) the best one wins somethig cool. You need to see quality no quantity (one great gaff will be superior of someone with five basic ones).

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