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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I've got an idea for some SNCs and have been told this is the place to put it.

    First off, that huge Mayweather Mcgregor fight is coming up in 6 weeks. It's happening on Saturday the 26th, so the week before, we should have a contest to see who can correctly predict the outcome the closest (Who will win, when they will win, how they will win etc.).

    Another idea is a card throwing contest. Whoever can land the best trick shot with a thrown card (or cards) wins.
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  2. What about a contest, where you have to take a classic trick from a list that you provide, and we have to provide our own presentation on one of them. *cups and balls* *triumph* *ace presentation* you get the idea!
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  3. Since we did card controls this week, why not card switches?
  4. that wouldn't work because they don't get stuff made for you they just supply you with free stuff from their warehouse. Also, there is no way to tell if someone resubmits something they already have designed. Good idea though.
  5. Although we recently had a random guessing contest. But there seems that some ppl have a feeling that in the random contests that we sometimes have there is a slight advantage for those who enter early and sometimes ppl entering late run out of all the possible combinations to submit as an entry.
    With that in mind I have come up with a simple random contest that Casey and the team could use for the future and I'm sure you would agree that the odds are so low that there won't be any great advantage for ppl entering early.
    So here it goes I have shuffled a deck of cards without the jokers and have taken 5 cards from the top one by one. Your job is to correctly guess what each card is and what was its position ( the top most card been at position 1 and so on)
    The guesses should include the position as well as their value like

    Position 1: a of hearts
    Position 2: a of spades
    Position 3: a of clubs
    Position 4: a of diamonds
    Position 5: queen of spades

    Winners be decided by who got all the cards right that is their position as well as their value. If no one gets all the cards right then winner be decided by who got the most number of cards right(position as well as card value) if no one gets any card correct then winner be decided by who got all the cards value correct regardless of their positions, if still no winner then who got the most cards correct regardless of the position. Even if no winner then first person who got a single card correct
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  6. I think that there should be a guess through the camera trick
  7. If you were a successful magician and you had all sort of shows and etc, how would a show reel of yours look like? May be a video contest to make a show reel of yourself in a video not more than 2 mins long
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  8. Well I’m excited that a new year begins, and that means new things to learn and discover in the industry of magic. This past year I’ve learned so many new routines for my arsenal of magic. I’m also really happy that I learned another false shuffle since I love learning those. Then I’m most proud to have created an effect of my own which I will share with everyone once it is at its finest.
    For a New Years resolution, I want to perform our in public a lot more. I feel as a magician that is my next step in order to make me better than I was when I first started. Happy New Years everyone!
  9. That's really cool to hear!
    But you posted in the wrong thread lol This thread is suggestions for the SNC
    Here's the thread to tonights SNC, hope you get in!
  10. Who can throw a card the farthest.
  11. Who can come up with an original double lift. There's only a couple methods so far.
  12. How do you get into the competitions?
  13. There is a thread every Saturday that gives you instructions on what to enter to that thread.
  14. How about a live stream and theory11's version of America's got Talent?? We vote who the judges are, yesssss
  15. The best disappearing trick whith any item.
  16. I really like the SNCs, but I'd LOVE to have more guest judges. I remember one of my first SNCs Dan white made an appearance, since then I remember only one more. It was Blake Vogt on the vanishing contest.

    Idk just my opinion. I like having well beloved magicians appear and judge our magic.
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  17. Dear Casey and the team, you guys always have SNC related to sports like NBA, NFL and etc but you've never had a SNC related to football or as u say in USA "soccer". That's why I am suggesting this nearly a month early so that you guys have enough time to think abt it. FIFA WORLD CUP SNC. the FIFA world cup is starting from June and its final would be played on 15th July and that's a Sunday.

    Here's what I'm suggesting 1st person to predict the scoreline wins it. But since in soccer the scores are usually 1-0 or 2-1 etc. You add the time of the goals scored too in terms of the minutes.
    For example if the match is between England and Brazil you post the result as

    Goals scored in 11, 39, 67,80

    First person to correctly guess the score and the time the goals were scored wins it.
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  18. just an addition to the above suggested SNC. Some matches go on to extra time and some even are decided on penalties. You could submit such results if it got decided in extra time(match extended to 120mins) as

    Goals scored in 35, 64, 70, 89, 115

    and if the match was decided on penalties you could submit the score as at what score the match went on to penalties and their time and penalties score

    Brazil on Penalties (4-2)
    scoreline 3-3
    goals scored in 35, 64, 70, 89, 115, 119
  19. “Theory11 App” designing contest.

    An app would allow for easier shopping, browsing on forums, etc.
  20. I cant critique your more recent contests seeing as I am just picking up the forums again but I can say that fun ones are more enjoyable from the ones I have participated in from like a year ago.

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