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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. How about designing your own Joker card? Totally original, not a rehash of an existing design.
  2. Since everyone is talking abt the Avengers Endgame. How abt a SNC dedicated to Thanos' snap?. Do any trick, one condition there has to be one snap in that routine/trick
  3. I remember years ago, there was a Zach King style SNC, that had some creative entries.
    I know camera tricks are usually taboo poo poo'd, but for that one is was very interesting to see the creative thinking and execution, especially the ones that DIDN'T feel like editing.
  4. Create a trick that uses an envelope & a marker in some way. One could create a trick using an envelope or a marker but would be difficult to use both in one trick. Even I can't think of a trick right the top of my head while writing this post
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    I really like these ideas, especially the first two. Thanks, DannyT! (The cool thing about just designing a joker is it can go in most any awesome deck and the time required for an entire deck design is cut into 1/53rd...) An idea of my own would be a contest for a new presentation or patter/story for an existing trick...
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    I like this too! I'm perfecting one that uses 1/4 of all cards (13 total)...An idea for one that uses all the cards may be a trick version of the Soldier's Prayer Book (I saw this story/demonstration in one of Paul Daniels' books--the one with the handkerchief mouse routine)...
  7. I like this. Anything short of "He must've sold his soul to do that trick" lol!

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