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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Seeing the buzz Shin Lim's judges cut performance has created. A four of a kind contest: perform any card trick that involves a four of kind in some way
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  5. I've only been a member of this site for a week, and after entering one Saturday night contest, I can already tell it's something I'm going to look forward to every single week.
    I think it's a great way to get the community active and also thinking creatively. It's great that this forum has this feature, it's a great way of bringing everybody together and connecting with each other as artists
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  6. I totally agree!
  7. I totally agree! I don't have good recording equipment, so in looking through some of the older contests I might not be able to participate in those, but they're fun to observe!

    Edit: Oops, double post! How do I delete my previous post?
  8. You cannot after 5 minutes
  9. This idea might be just impossible cuz it would require altering some code of the website but im still posting just to show what level of treasure hunting mode my mind is in
    The contest's first post asks contestants to search for 10 to 15 clues in the entire t11 website(excluding forums) and as an example gives away the first clue that is to visit lets say the hudson playing cards page. There on the hudson playing card page in its description you add the first clue as text and give it a different color. That color becomes the key and everyone starts searching for other clues that might be written with that color code. first person to post all the clues and what the clues is about wins it.
    You can hide the clues in tricks, cards description, abouit us, even in reviews of products
  10. Hi I am Lisa. I am new from this group.
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  11. A looping gif or video of a cardistry flourish!
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  12. This sounds nice! magic and cardistry incorporated competitions would be amazing too!
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  13. How about with coming up with some sort of creative trick about the holidays or Christmas, or Hanukkah, etc. ???
  14. artistic photos of our favorite deck of cards with Christmas colors. (eg green, red, etc.)
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  15. Ok, this is going to sound strange, but what about a viral Hoax contest? Whoever can best use magic to create an internet hoax. Like using a loop to “prove static electricity can levitate dollar bills” or use a bite out coin to “prove coins can become very breakable if they are place inside a microwave for a few seconds”. Which ever hoax is the most believable or gains the most publicity wins!
    I got this idea from many colleges. Many special effects classes’s final exam is to come up with a viral hoax, and every year at least one video comes out and fools the masses. So why not use our real life special effects to do the same.
  16. How about a one handed magic trick contest
  17. To celbebrate the release of flux can we get another everyday powers contest?
  18. I haven't been there for a lot of time, but it could be nice to have a bit more cardistry SNC ^^
  19. Faking perfect cents?
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  20. Magic Conspiracy Theories:

    Everyone makes up and submits their best magic related "conspiracy theory". The best ones that meet the "threshold" get put in a random generator and the winner is picked from there
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