Saturday Night Contest : Who's Who?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Dana hocking on the left
    Kenner on the right
  2. Houchin is the Devil, and Cartman is Dan or Dave buck
  3. Lee Asher is the devil; Fran Houchin is Cartman and/or Kenny.

    As I said before, the possibilities are endless -- keep it coming. Also, don't forget about me, Richard Z., Jon Raiker, Web Agent 007...

  4. hocking is the devil. houchin is cartman
  5. Lee Asher On Left, Dan or Dan Buck on Right
  6. dana hocking on the left. mathieu bich on right
  7. devil = chris kenner
    cartman = aaron fisher
  8. the devil is..chris kenner

    cartmen is..uhm...lee asher...??
  9. Aaron is Satan and Dana is the south park kid.

    Shane K.
  10. :eft: Wayne Houchin
    Right: Lee Asher

    the costumes:
    Left: Satan
    Right: Kenny from south Park.
  11. devil is houchin;

    cartmen is kenner
  12. God you guys know nothing about South Park! They're both South Park characters.

    My initial guess would be that the left is Trey Parker, and the Right is Matt Stone.

    For fun I'll guess:

    Wayne Houchin is 90% Satan, judging by the hands. Cartman is, Chris Kenner.

    EDIT: Wow don't count the second one, I wrote it down, but a minute before I posted, the guy before me wrote it.
  13. Trey Parker on Right, Matt Stone on Left ...
  14. If this one is right, and he gets the prize, I'll shoot myself in the head.
  15. Chris Kenner on the left
    Dave Buck on the right

  16. The Devil on the left is Wayne Houchin and Cartmen on the right is Dana Hocking.
  17. aaron fisher as the devil,

    chris kenner as cartmen.
  18. Bayme is the devil and Lee is cartman
  19. chris kenner as the devil,

    aaron fisher as cartmen?

  20. T11...did any 1 get it right yet?...
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