Saturday Night Contest - World Cup Final

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. My prediction might be right
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  2. Yaaaahoooo
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  3. I said

    I REALLY overestimated the goalies on this one....
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  4. 4-2 still the closest!!
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  5. I said that France will win
    But for 3-2
    Close but not exact:(
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  6. And my friend .I think I posted mine before you .although I think I won't win .better luck next time
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  7. I think he will win.well great contest everyone :)and yesss!!
    France won;)
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  8. Nobody guessed it exactly, so either the correct team with the closest score or the correct score with the wrong team... either way I don’t think I’ll win, but hopefully if they took all the close ones and make it randomly selected I still have a chance.
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  9. All the best khaleel.May the luckiest person win.:)
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  10. France 4-2
    im too late though I think
  11. It's random they are going to put names in a hat and pick!!
  12. France
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  13. Alright guys, time for results! How odd is that that a sport with pretty predictable scores ends up not being guessed at all! This World Cup has been anything but ordinary, so this is not a surprise. There was no one exactly correct, but there were 3 people who had guessed France to win with a score of 3-2, and of those 3 people we picked one at random from a hat, and that person is Pranav Liju. Congrats! Please contact our support team with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    See you all on Saturday for a new contest!
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  14. I think I broke the record for as far off as you can be in an snc contest. LOL

    But congrats pranav!
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  15. Congrats Pranav!!
  16. Hey congrats! This was an awesome prize to win!
  17. Congrats Pranav
  18. OMG!!!!! Can't belive that I won.
    Thank you all .:)
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  19. Congrats!
  20. Hi everyone ,
    Pranav here.Could you guys pls tell me what all details I have to give to get my prize
    Thank you

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