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Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite Harry Potter!

Mar 7, 2016
My favourite from the movies is Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. The thing which I like about is that we get to see Dobby, the flying car, Harry missing the train for the first time and him going through various unusual places . Also there is a lot of suspense as to who is the ultimate murderer.
Dec 9, 2019
My favorite Harry Potter is definitely the Half Blood Prince. I love the scenes / chapters where Harry and Dumbledore revisit memories in the Pensive.
Sep 2, 2018
My favorite movie from the series of Harry Potter was DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2, which was Harry, Ron and Hermione's race against time to destroy the remaining Horcruxes. Meanwhile, the students and teachers unite to defend Hogwarts against Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters.
THis movie portraited many emotions, along with unity bravey and courage to fight against Voldemort without Dumbledore 🤧
Aug 23, 2021
I really love the ,,Harry Potter" series! Some of my favorite characters are: Professor Minerva McGonagall (because of her wise appearance and mercy. In particular, the scene from the Philosopher's Stone, where Harry receives a gift from Professor Mcgonagall - the broom Nimbus 2000), Rubeus Hagrid (He is a lovely character, so amazing! I just cant describe how much i love him, especially his knowledge about the magical creatures and his jokes), Severus Snape (I don't think I need to explain why. Professor Snape, though expressionless and mysterious most of the time, manages to evoke so much emotion in readers and viewers! Incredible character!)
I don't really have a favorite movie or book from the series, they all are beautiful piece of art with an amazing storyline and lovely characters.
Good luck everyone! : )
Икона „Потвърдено от общността“
Dec 5, 2021
Since I haven't had the chance to read the books yet, my favorite Harry Potter movie is "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". I remember when I was little I was very scared and I had nightmares after watching it for the first time, but now it is my favorite movie. I think my favorite moment was when Harry first opened Tom Riddle's diary because I still remember how amazed I was at how the letters appeared on paper without anyone writing them. Of course, there are scenes in each of the other films that I adore, but I will never forget this one.
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Aug 21, 2021
I love all of the Harry Potter movies, but I think that my favourite movie is the first one. This is the begining of the journey and there we can see a lot of details and interesting moments.
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Dec 5, 2021
Alecto and Amick Carrow:
They are first mentioned in the sixth book of the Harry Potter series. They, along with several other Death Eaters, have witnessed the death of Albus Dumbledore, who was killed by Professor Severus Snape at Hogwarts. They are then mentioned in the seventh (last) part of the series, when they were appointed teachers at Hogwarts at the request of Voldemort - the Black Lord, so that he could control the school. Alecto Carrow has been appointed a teacher of Nebula Studies in place of Professor Charity Burbage, who was assassinated by Voldemort. Alekto's brother, Amick Carrow, has been appointed a teacher of Defense Against the Black Arts in place of Severus Snape, who becomes director of Hogwarts. At the end of the last part, the two take an active part in the Hogwarts attack, along with the other Death Eaters.
Dec 5, 2021
My favourite movie and book from the series is ,,Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”. Because in the book and series we get to see more about the other characters and what they do. My favourite character from the series is Dobby , because he’s funny and good. For me one of the saddest moments was when he died. Good luck to everyone 🍀😉
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Dec 5, 2021
My favourite part from the Harry Potter films is the second part. The character named Dobby is very funny.
Sep 16, 2020
I really love the first movie ,it is my personal favorite . Really like the begining and the whole story in the movie .

Good luck to everyone ☺️!
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Mar 1, 2018
My favorite is the book Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. It's the first one that I read when I was a small child and it brought me into the magical world of Harry Potter. I saw the movie a few years later, but the book is still my favorite.


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Apr 28, 2009
The fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, remains my all-time favorite.

Why? Because Hermione's SPEW subplot, the idea that with just a collecting tin, a notebook, and some pins, she could go ahead and change the world, is one of the most magical and punk rock ideas of the entire series.

A great read, and a great reread. Thanks for asking, and good luck to everyone!
Aug 22, 2021
I like "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" move because there are a lot of solutions. My favorite is when everyone thinks Harry is dead, but he doesn't get out of Hagrid's arms and everyone is surprised. My favorite moment of this scene is Lord Voldemort's face.
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Jun 30, 2020
My favorite book is the third one - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I guess I like the fact that the story is less connected to the overarching narrative of the whole series (the ongoing battle against the Dark Lord), and it instead takes time and effort to flesh-out Harry's backstory, when it comes to his parents and their friends, whilst giving us a mystery solving plot different than we're used to - this time including the concept of time travel.
The book introduces a bunch of exciting characters, including Prof. Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black - the latter honestly being the cool uncle we all wish we had 🙃
Moreover, a bunch of new concepts and worldbuilding are given to us in this installment of the franchise - werewolves, more elaboration on Animagi (I at least think that's the proper plural form for Animagus 😅) and again - time travel. Iike J. K. Rowling's approach towards this very confusing subject, and of course the execution.
Anyway, that's just my opinion. Good luck everyone! 😁
Feb 28, 2021
The Prisoner of Azkaban for me, the movie, dark and thrilling: loved every minute of it.
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