Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite!

May 16, 2018
For me it's the Hudson playing cards.

They represent the perfect mix of aesthetics and history. Their link back to the original New York factory which produced high-end cards gives them a great backstory. The overall design is among my favourite deck designs of any cards, from the custom Ace of Spades, to the intricately designed and embossed tuck case, to the amazing back design by Dan Gretta.

My go to deck to accompany me wherever I'm heading.


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Dec 8, 2013
Birmingham, UK
The first T11 deck I ever owned was the Guardians deck.

However, the deck that made me fall in love was the Monarchs deck.
My first Monarchs deck I purchased was actually 4 of them. It was the 4 deck big box way back in 2013. I regret not purchasing more of these Big Boxes.
The elegant design is what caught my attention and I instalty fell in love.

Side note, ever considered doing Monarchs Jumbo Cards?
May 31, 2020
There are so many iconic and mesmerizing decks that narrowing it down to just one is near impossible. However, if I had to choose one deck that moved me, it would have to be Artisan. It still fills me with that feeling of awe and pride, with every line and edge, a masterpiece.
May 6, 2013
I just loved and still love the Rebel playing cards. Sadly I only have one deck that is kinda used and they're not easy to be found, where i live at least. Would love to see a 2nd edition of that deck, and this time i'd make sure i get enough decks. I pray that v2 will available one day!

On the other hand, most of theory11's decks have beautiful designs and feel amazing using them.
Dec 16, 2019
My favorite deck ever would be Contraband, every time I look at it I find something new hidden on in the deck.
From the elegant hidden imagery to the custom designed aces and court cards. Contraband is one of the must have Theory11 decks.

Nikolay Karagyozov

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Jun 22, 2012
My first favourite deck from T11 has to be the Sentinels. It was the first custom deck that I've handled and was blown away by the futuristic design and the crazy handling. I think this deck had a lot of influence on the decks that we see and use today!
Dec 16, 2019
I absolutely lovet Provision, theyhthey an old-time look to them that is unique and are colorful and classy. I really like their distinctiveness from other cards. Also, a great looking deck-package, which comes along with the deck


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Jan 20, 2013
My All Time Fav Deck from Theory 11 has to be the Monarch Series. When it comes to which color from the series that's a very tough choice. Apart from the OG color , my latest Favorite one is the Purple Monarchs !! The Royal Color fit for a King with a Royal Back Design. Not too detailed but not very simple. Without a Doubt, Monarchs is the Best Series of T11.
Dec 22, 2019
I’d say probably the Gold Monarch’s. They feature the classic Monarch’s design which I love because it’s incredibly elegant and perfectly balanced, neither too complex nor too simple. All of that enhanced with the gold foil.
I have only the black edition, but I’m looking forward to get as many colours as possible!


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Mar 25, 2009
My favorite was the Propaganda. It had one of the most impactful trailers for me from those years. It has a great music, an epic location and pushed me to get deeper into flourishes. The design was an overall win for me. Would really like to see a "remake" of them with custom faces and a trailer that pushes the limit of these days' videos.


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Jan 7, 2020
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's time for another chance to get your hands on a Variety Box!

This week, we want to hear directly from you: What is your all time favorite theory11 deck, and why? We've come a long way since 2007, with big things planned on the horizon in the near future. But for now, we want to hear which theory11 deck (old or new!) was the one that captured your attention and love the most. We are always taking in feedback and looking for ways to make each deck better than the last, so we want to hear directly from you!

All you have to do is post your response in THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 31st. Once time is up, we will select one post at random and that person will take home this week's prize of 1,000 Elite Member Points and your very own Variety Box, filled with 12 decks of your choice that are currently featured on the page!

We look forward to hearing which deck is your favorite! In case you guys were wondering, the old-school Propagandas hold a special place in my heart :)

I have just over 100 TX1 decks, I use the blue, red, green & the beautiful new purple Monarchs for everyday, but my favorite by far are the GOLD MONARCHS. The design and color scheme are flawless the feel is amazing, and I have to just stare at every fan in awww. I love the GOLD MONARCHS more than any other deck I own.
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