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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, May 30, 2020.

  1. My favorite deck is most definitely the High Victorians. The sheer beauty of the tuck case and cards make it the perfect deck. Joe White and Ye Olde Studio did a phenomenal job of designing this deck.

    But my favorite part of the deck is not the unique and beautiful design of the cards, or the ornate golden tuck case, it’s the Latin phrases written over the Aces and Jokers. With quotes like “seize the day/night” on the Ace of Diamonds or “education is the key to life” on the Ace of Clubs, the High Victorians give themes to each suit. It might sound a bit weird, but the phrases and symbols on the cards give it character, which is something I’ve never seen in a deck of cards.

    I’m extremely glad to pick up a deck of High Victorians, and I am very excited to see what Theory 11 has in store!
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  2. my favorite has to be the JAQK decks!
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  3. My favorite is the purple monarch deck. I really like the color and design.
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  5. Monarchs....Red Monarchs...the snakes, patterns & handling make these not only my first/favorite Theory 11 deck, but also one I use time and time again when others don't feel the same.
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  6. The union deck is my favorite. I am a history buff, and I really enjoy some of the classic Americana details that were included in the design. I also love the somewhat Art Deco eagle back design
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  7. My favorite Theory11 deck is still the Citizens. It was my second Theory11 deck ever, and what ignited my deck collecting obsession!
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  8. Looked over what I have, and his is going to sound real funny: NoMads

    But wait, there's two printings: The first "dirty" print and the second "clean" print.

    The "dirty" first print is my favorite.

    "But didn't you rant and rave about how much you didn't like it?"

    Yes, but here's why. At the same time, I acquired a Green "dirty" Bicycle deck and my impressions after a bit was, "whaaaaaat was I thinking when I got this?!" The faces looked like they were dunked in coffee and horse manure.

    I liked really clean and minimalistic stuff at the time, and I ended up getting a deck of the NoMads. The scuffed aesthetic just rubbed me the wrong way. Now that I have a bit more sense about me, I actually appreciate the aesthetic there because it wasn't a SUPER dirty look like the Bicycle deck was in comparison. If there's a way I can delete my past review, I'll do it--that's how much I regret that.

    To which, I hope they release something else with a scuffed aesthetic in the future, unless I missed something.
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  9. I fell in love with the Animal Kingdom deck, when I first saw it I knew the artwork and the design really sttod out. Theory11 really exceeded my expectations with this, and the beat part, you would be actually donating to the Wildlife fund, makes me feel a lot less bad when buying more Animal Kingdom decks
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  10. I love the JAQK decks clean classic and beautiful!
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  11. So many to choose from... Animal Kingdom, the Medallions, Star Wars, Tavern on the Green...

    But, I have to go with Contraband! Beautiful tuckbox and back design, but the detail on the pips gives such a feel of elegant and old magic. The gradient/fade on the pips and courts is so unique and beautiful. And then the Aces... perfect for any production of 4 aces. An absolute favorite for my magic acts.

    Good luck everyone!

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  12. Fav deck for me are the monarchs. Have bought several colors. Blue is my go to deck.
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  14. congrats E.ring!
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  15. Awesome ! Thanks guys and, Theory 11 keep making these great cards
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  16. I didn’t enter, but i’d still like to share that my favorite deck has to be the howler brothers. I just love the vibrant metallic ink and the cute animals on every card.
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  17. Congratulation E.ring!!
  18. Congrats Widdo! We have chosen your response as the random winner for this week's prize! Please contact our support team with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP.

    The previous winner was found to be entering under multiple accounts, so he is now permanently banned from participating in all future contests. We do not tolerate cheating.

    See you all on Saturday for another contest!
  19. Wow. I think it's pretty awesome what you guys do here every Saturday. But there's gotta be one in every bunch that has to be an A hole.

    Congrats Widdo.
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  20. Congratulations to the real winner Widdo.
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