Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite!


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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great week!

This week, we want to keep it simple. The simple task is to simply let us know what your favorite deck of all time is, and why! It can be any deck in existence, just let us know why it is your favorite. Post your answers in response to this forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow night, December 3rd and after that we will select a post at random to take home this week's prize!

You can win 500 Elite Points along with 3 Decks of anything we have currently in stock. Good luck!
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Jun 18, 2023
Mobile, AL
I adore the Harry Potter series of decks. I don't own any of them yet, but have hinted HARD to my family that I'd really REALLY like to have them for Christmas. If I had to pick just one, it'd be the blue/Ravenclaw deck, since that is 'my house'. As for why I like them? I'm a big fan of the books as well as the movies.


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Nov 26, 2017
Smoke & Mirror Private Reserve. The design is so just brilliant and elegant, plus the rarity just makes it even more special!


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Jul 22, 2016
Mine is Still the Ghost Deck from Ellusionist. It's a shame Bicycle won't allow decks like that anymore. I'd buy 100 of'em.


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Jul 9, 2011
The Sentinels were my favorite! Wish they would come back in print! A close second now is the Provisions deck. I feel it has the same spirit as the Sentinels!

Kevin Rosewood

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Jul 3, 2021
My favorite deck of all time is

Lord Dundreary’s Monocle Deck of Magnificent Splendor​

By Kings Wild Project!
Nov 21, 2022
My favorites are probably the Red High Victorians! The design on their backs is breathtaking and I love the court card faces! But my favorite deck does change quite often.


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Jun 29, 2014
My favorite deck of all time is the timeless and classic Tally-Ho. My go-to deck. Looks great with Cardistry and since it's cheap, I don't mind if it gets a bit wet or dirty when my friends and I use it in coffee shops to play card games.


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Aug 26, 2022
My favorite is the Ultragaff Deck since its style is so classic and simple - the regular Bicycle Rider Back Deck, but it is quite unique because it is actually a gaff deck, and I think it is a very good one with lots of actual routines and not just flourishes and slights.
Jun 9, 2020
My favourites decks are the monarch brand deck,those deck are simply magnificent and elegant as a real monarch but if a had to choose I think the best would be the white gold monarch because it's the color witch I think suit the best to a monarch.


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Apr 28, 2009
Original Monarchs, no question.

Seeing them in the Now You See Me movies was a treat. But, even before that, I thought of them as T11's first "Batman" deck.

Why? Well, in some versions of the Batman mythos, the Joker's origin story doesn't start by him falling into a vat of chemicals at the "Axis Chemicals" Company. No...

In some versions, the Joker starts out as a criminal named "The Red Hood."

What he robs (or, tries to rob) is... The Monarch Playing Card Company.

And while I didn't make it into the final cut of the film, I did work as an "extra" for a couple weeks on Zak Snyder's 2016 "Batman v Superman" movie. Being an extra often involves a lot of hurrying up... and waiting. Lots and lots and lots of waiting.

So I was very grateful to have a deck of Monarchs with me while I waited. Both for practicing, as well as entertaining my fellow waiting extras.

And, fun fact: there's a creepy, creepy scene in the movie where Lex Luthor feeds a politician a Jolly Rancher candy. It's about Lex asserting control. Flexing his power to get what he wants.

While you can't see it in the final film, just off camera, there was an extra (who was playing a "waiter," charged with cleaning off a table behind the two) who had a deck of Monarchs in his back pocket.

And I know that. Because that extra was me :cool:. Thanks for reading. And best of luck to everyone!
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