Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

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  1. The beginning of this flourish was inspired by Guardian. Hope you enjoy.

    YouTube Link
  2. This SNC was really entry sucks though.

    Oh well.

  3. Luckily youtube wasn't so slow.
    Here's my entry

    It is the first time i have tried to make and edit a card related video. I know it is very stiff, but i did not have very much time to come up with an idea and make the video.
  4. First and foremost, thank you to everybody who took part, I am overwhelmed at the skill and creativity that I’ve seen tonight. You’ve all taken the Guardian flourish and made it your own and to do so in only 24 hours is a fantastic achievement that you should all be proud of.

    Choosing a winner was not easy as each entry was truly unique, I love each and every entry and that you all went to the lengths you did to be a part of this SNC is highly commendable. However there can only be one winner...


    ( )

    Thank you all so much for taking part, you’ve all displayed fine examples of an amazing creative flair that qualifies each and every one of you as fine ambassadors of cardistry.

    ( to the winner, congratulations, the White Centurion's and Brown Wynn's are yours... I shall be in touch very soon )

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    Wow, I feel stupid entering the contest when the results were right before my post. Anyway congrats Andrew and thanks for the awesome contest Daniel.
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    upd: i've been late :) thx to my internet connection and my laptop. Andrew, congrats, this was really cool. But i'm on your side, Zeedub ;)
  7. Good job Andrew Chin! :)
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    Wow didn't expect to win. Thanks T11 and Daniel Madison and good job to everyone who participated.
  9. As I predicted, Andrew C is the winner. :)
    Congrats Andrew. I just knew that you're gonna win after I saw your video.
    But also great job to all of us. :)
    And thanks d+M.

  10. Nice job and congratulation Andrew Chin
  11. Congratulations, Andrew!
  12. gj all guys, and gz Andrew!
  13. congratz mate

    really loved it :D it's my first contest.
  14. Thanks everyone :D. Does any previous winner have any idea when I will be contacted? It's been 3 days but the 2 of them were holidays/weekend.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but they usually contact you right after the contest. I would PM Zach or Casey. And Congrats on the win!
  16. Alright I'll do that, thanks.

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