Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by d+M, May 28, 2011.

  1. [video=youtube;hLFZk5GqQAQ][/video]

    hope u like it :) was too tired to really practice this variation that suddenly popped out in my head, sorry about the music, didnt have anything ><
  2. I'm still uploading mine.
    can anyone tell me how many hours left until the deadline?
    I live in Indonesia, and I don't know what time back there.
  3. Um, I think around 5 hours. Not 100% sure though
  4. Thanks mate.
    I think the same too (I use the 1st post as guidance)
    Hopefully I'm right.
  5. Here is my entry. Not the smoothest but the best I could do in a day. Good luck everyone.

  6. yes it is indeed.
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    My entry

    Only variation is on how the second card pack spins around and was inspired by Dan and Dave


    + Lethal extension just to keep in the Daniel Madison theme.
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    Hi Mr. DM glad to see you ...
    Here is my SNC entry.
    I know its not smoothen than your original Guardian but I hope you enjoy my concept. :)
    I call it GAV (GuArdian Variation) .. an easy short name isn' t ?:D
  9. This is my short variation and extension of your Guardian, Sir Daniel Madison.
    Hope you like it. :)
  10. I'm used to the fact that when the saturday night contests run, I'm usually sleeping. On Sundays I just watch the task, the prize and the winning post. Today I realised that there is no winner announced yet, and I saw that I had only 3 hours left to come up with something, if I wanted to. So, don't expect smoothness, quality, speed or good editing, because there isn't any. :D
    Anyway, here is my entry:
  11. I hope i can still make it. I had some troubles with the video and i didn't know that vimeo is 1 hour to upload a video. So i beg that it will still be up in about an hour.
  12. Does it do it even with videos of small sizes?
  13. The thing with Vimeo is there is a processing time that can range anywhere from none to 2 hours+. This morning when I uploaded it was 30 minutes.
  14. I see. But does Vimeo depend that according to the video's size or connection speed? I guess it's both. You think so too, AndrewC?

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