Saturday Night Roundtable - Christen & Rob!

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  1. rob: what is your favourite deck of cards?

    chris: do you change you color hair like to red?

    rob and chris, what is you favourite flourisher and why?
  2. i feel only one question truly needs to be answered.

    Who is the bauws of the expose?
  3. To Christen: Do you think lady got more superiority to success in magic? I find out more big client like female magician more than male , they allow female magician to make mistake in show , but for male , they will blame directly. What do you think?

    To Rob: Any project working with Theory11?
  4. Christen: What's your favorite cuisine? Yayy for random questions!

    Rob: If you knew only 1 magician in the world who would it be?
  5. To either/both:
    What is your most embarrassing moment in magic?
  6. 1. What is your performance style?
    2. What is your first memory of seeing something that you considered to be true magic?
    3. Do you have any dreams as to what you plan to accomplish in magic? What?
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    Would you rather use a gimmicked trick or an ungimmicked trick,why?
    If you could do one magic trick that is impromptu for the rest of your life,what would it be?
    If there was one thing you would change about magic what would it be?
  8. Christen and Robin, what were your first magic tricks?
  9. To Rob:
    - Can I PLEASE have my pillow back?
    - What is one thing that makes you GLAD that you are a magician? What is one thing that makes you SAD that you are a magician?

    To Christen:
    - Hey.
    - Prom?
    - No? OK... :(
  10. What fields of education do think aid in being a good magician? Obviously the best thing to do is perform magic, but what other fields of study further enhance your magic?
  11. To Rob Anderson : Who's the funniest person at Theory11 ?

    To Rob Anderson : How to get Inspiration ?

    Christen Gerhart : What You love and hate about Zach ?
  12. Same questions for you both :
    Where do you see yourself in five years with regards to your magic?

    In a magic fight to the death, which one of you would win and why?
  13. Have you got any message in magic, in performances?
  14. Have you ever stopped magic for a while?
  15. What's you favorite card design?
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    Questions to both of you...

    To both of you:
    - Do you feel it's necessary to become a famous magician?
    - There are so many magicians out there. How different are you from the other magicians? Don't you think there are to many magicians out there?
    - Have you ever had the feeling that you made a mistake by learning magic? Isn't it way more fun to watch magic tricks without knowing how they're done, instead of performing them?
  17. To Christen: How does it feel to be a female magician?
    To Christen: How are you treated by male magicians?
    To Christen: What is your favourite card trick (if you have one)?
  18. Christen and Robin, What kind of camera you shoot all your video?
  19. To Christen and Rob
    1. What is 1 piece of advice you were given magic wise or not that you've taken with you and would pass on? Or something you've learnt from your own experience?
    2. Where would you like to see the magic industry in 5 years?

    And to Christen
    3. Will you marry me? ;D
  20. SNC Questions

    What was the inspiration that got you into the Magic world?
    Who do you look upto as a great magician and person/friend?
    If you could bend the laws of physics to perform one move or trick, what would it be?

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