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Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

Nov 22, 2010
1.What got you inspired in magic?
2.When did you get started in magic?
3.What is the best magic trick you ever performed?
Jan 21, 2010
1) What do you think this form of conference can bring to the table that a physical conference can't?
2) Though 32 speakers is a lot and certainly gives people their money's worth, why did you choose to get together so many magicians to talk about a wide range of topics as opposed to having, say, half that amount and focusing on a few, manageable things? In essence, do you think that having so many speakers will hinder the absorption of all of the material provided?
3) It is undeniable that advancements like the internet now provide unprecedented access to magic material like never before, including the EMC. Is there anything about the way magic was 10, 20, or even 50 years ago that you wish still held today, and are there any downsides to the accessibility we have today?
Oct 9, 2010
How did you spread the word about EMC and get other magicians to know about it?

Who inspired you to be a magician?

When did you start performing?
1. Where did the idea for EMC come from?
2. In putting EMC together what was the biggest obstacle you had to over come and were there times you ever just wanted to give up?
3. If there were times you wanted to give up what kept you going through the whole process?
Jan 10, 2009
University Park PA
How do you believe this EMC will be different/greater than last year's?
What inspired you to organize EMC?
How do you think EMC has changed or affected the magic community as a whole?
Apr 30, 2011
What do you mainly talk about at the EMC?
What do you mainly focus on when it come to performing for an audience?
What did you hope to accomplish with the EMC before it was created?
Apr 23, 2011
0 you think the feeling of magic is gone once your a working professional.
(as in when you first started you seen miracles as to now maybe all you see are moves while watching something)
2. is the emc turning out to be as great as you wanted it
3. how do you feel to be apart of a conference that helps inspires and gets to thousands of magicians around the world. must be amazing


Elite Member
Dec 20, 2010
1.What do you think of the existence of EMC has created to the magic community?(the impact, the effect, the response, the future, the present, the past)
2. Do you think that EMC, will still exist if we don't have the Live video tools or program to broadcast online?(back to the traditional way of a person to person convention)
3. What would you like to do if you are given an chance to go back in time to the past?

1. In a world that bombards us with stimuli every single second, how do you stay so focused on your work and keep refining yourself to be the best you can be?

2. You have had tons of performing experience, so I'd like to ask; how can an a young, amateur (like many of us on Theory 11), take the next step to becoming a professional?

3. There must be a strong desire to relax the quality of your work, or just take a break from it every so often; what continues to drive you even after you have experienced such monumental success?

Sep 9, 2010
Instead of the typical questions, I would like to ask something a bit different.. what is the most magical thing to happen in your life, that didn't involve magic?
Dec 2, 2010
1.What process do you go in to pick the speakers?
2. do you think it is worth the cost?
3. why did you use some of the same speakers as last time?
Mar 3, 2011
what part of magic most interests you?
why did you start performing magic?
have you ever thought of turning your back on magic and leading a ''normal'' life?
normal as in not performing sleights and drinking coffee behind a mcdonalds table everyday sorting out paper work
Aug 31, 2007
1,Would you consider adding English subtitles in DVD?
2,Can you design a T-shirt with EMC LOGO?
May 21, 2011
1. What was the most valuable thing YOU learned at the first EMC?

2. What do you feel has been the most impressive magic performance you've ever seen?

3. Who has been your most influential mentor?
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