Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

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  1. 1. if you could go back in time, what would you change in terms of sleight of hand and learning to interact with audience?
    2. do you think technology is hurting the magic industry?
  2. 1) Do you have any advices for young magician generation ?
    2) Will you make a show in Asia ?
    3) Have you ever failed in a show ?
  3. What other hobbies/interests (outside of Magic) do you have?
    What is your favourite routine/trick you perform?
    Who is your favourite magician?
  4. 1. Will you release anything with Theory11?
    2. What do you think about the magic community? What is wrong or great about it and why?
    3. What is your creative process and who inspires you to perform?
  5. 1) What's your favorite magic book?
    2) What is your favorite effect from the 10 featured in the tv show?
    3) What do you think about exposure in the media?
  6. 1. What is magic to you?
    2. What is the most interesting reaction you have achieved?
    3. What person do you dream of performing for?
  7. 1: Who inspired you to do magic?
    2: What is your favourite effect to perform?
    3:What is your absolute least favourite thing in the magic industry?
  8. Where where you born?
    Do you prefer sleight of hand or mentalism?
    Who is your most favorite magician of all time?
  9. When you started magic?
    What's your passion when you're young ?
    How do you afford buying so many tricks?
  10. 1. What was the first magic trick you performed?

    2. What was the first deck of playing cards that you held in posession?

    3. What was the best reaction you received out of performing?
  11. 1.what got you into magic?
    2.have you ever thought about quitting magic?
    3.who is your inspiration?
  12. Who do you think is the best Card Magician?
    Who inspires you the most in the world of magic?
    What is the best illusion you have ever seen performed?
  13. 1. What do you think is key in magic i.e.(Audience Management)?
    2. When did you first begin to do magic or was interested in magic?
    3. What is your most favorite, signature magic trick that you have created?
  14. Who inspired you?
    At what age did you start magic?
    What is your favorite effect ever to preform?
  15. Who do you look up ro the most in the magic community?
    Who is your all time favorite magician?
    Who so you think is the best at cardistry from the t11 team?
  16. 1.If you are given another life to live, would you still choose to be a magician or somebody else?
    2.How do you deal with the nerves before a show?
    3.Magic to you is?
  17. Have u ever hated magic in one point of your life?
    Will you ever stop doing magic?
    What is magic to you?
  18. what is the most gratifying part of performing magic for you?
    who inspired you to live your life as a performer?
    what kind of magic originally caught your eye and inspired you to be a magician?
  19. 1. what was the very first trick you learned?
    2. who was the first person you showed the trick you learned?
    3. what was the person's reaction?
  20. What got you in to magic?
    How does your creating proccess look like?
    Where do you see yourself in ten years?

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