Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

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  1. 1. What was it like on the Late Show with David Letterman?
    2.What is it like being called "the best dressed magician?"
    3.What inspires you to create magic?
  2. i have just one question:
    we've read that your shows in NewYork are always sold out... and my question is why....?
    i don't think that the people who visit the show know you...maybe some of them but not all of them...
    is the reason for that that people like magic or is there a different reason for that...?
  3. 1. How long have you've been doing magic?
    2. How do you come up with original tricks?
    3. How is it being a famous magician?
  4. 1. What will you do if the audiences cannot follow your tricks/ do not have reaction/ dead air?
    2. What do you think about edited TV magic with camera tricks?
    3. Do you think too much people know magic, or too few people can carry on this art, or neither?
    sorry for the bad English
  5. Hi Steve :D These are my questions . . .

    If you had to perform one trick and one trick only for the rest of your entire life what would it be?
    What do you think of today's magic?
    Who is your favourite magician . . . other than yourself?

    Thanks :)
  6. 1. What, if anything, inspired you to pursue a processional career in magic, instead of just performing as a hobby.

    2. What is your opinion on the Cris Angel and Dynamo style magic, that is, the use of camera tricks and/or actors to achieve a magic effect. Do believe this is still magic?

    3. How did you become involved with this new TV series. Was it an idea you had, or an idea proposed to you? If so, how did you make your idea come to fruition, or who proposed to you the idea?
  7. Kinda general questions I guess, but here goes;

    -Has the golden age of magic passed, or not yet come? (or is it now perhaps?)
    -What crucial advice would you give magicians focusing on Youtube/internet for performance/instruction?
    -Is there such thing as an effect that is 'too simple'?
  8. How can we new generation of magicians improve in our tricks for captivate the audience ?
    You already imagine you without magic in your life ?
    How do you see magic in the future ?
  9. 1. what got you interested in magic?
    2. where did you first perform magic?
    3. do you believe in the phrase "the hand is quicker than the eye"?
  10. 1) What was the most amazing magic trick you saw ?

    2) What do you think about flourishing ?

    3) Describe Theory 11 in 3 words ?
  11. Have you ever made a huge mistake in a show before?
    Whats your most complicated trick?
    And, if you were to donate to charity, what cause would you support?
  12. Questions

    1) What did people think when you first revealed you wanted to get into magic as a profession?
    2) What was the first trick you ever performed perfectly?
    3) Describe your first show
  13. Have you ever worked anywhere else except being a magician?
    What was your greatest strugle through your magic career?
    What is your favorite deck of playing cards?
  14. What was the spark or catalyst that first got you interested in magic?
  15. Hi Steve -

    Question #1: "What is one if the key personality traits that allowed you to connect with your specific demographics of audience?"

    Question #2: "You know many magic tricks, how do you determine what goes into your show? In other words, what are some of the criteria you have for effects in order to get into repertoire?

    Question #3: "What life experience(s) did you have that you felt made your magic better?"

    Thank you, Steve. I'm really looking forward to your podcast.
  16. Why you do magic?
  17. Question 1: How do you deal with hecklers?

    Question 2: What's the biggest hole you've had to dig yourself out of after messing up a trick?

    Question 3: What's your viewpoint on magicians revealing tricks? For example, revealing TV shows, websites, etc.
  18. 3 questions for you

    When you were growing up, who was your favorite magician to watch?

    What trick is your favorite to perform?

    Do you remember your first magic trick? if so, what was it and who did you perform it to?
  19. Do you like penguins ?
  20. 1) What do you think is the #1 mistake magicians make?
    2) What sort of things must you do to keep a regular show running?
    3) What is your favorite color?

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