Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp


May 1, 2010
1. What exactly is an "organic flourish"?
2. Will this include some of the flourishes from Project One?
3. Can we expect a release date sometime in the near future? (Not in Theory11 time but in normal people time-like this year)
Dec 27, 2010
1.You and Dan Garcia are from Texas, are you going to work with him?
2. Do you think the general public cares about a card flourishing?
3.Where are you in 10 years?
May 19, 2010
What mistake do you think most new cardists make and how would you solve it?
How do you break in a new deck of cards?
What are your inspirations for your film making?
Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
Hey guys.. hey Michael.. :)
a. How long the schedule to make SOLO?
b. How much SOLO DVD if it released latter one day? (at least you tell us the range price :D )
c. Did your "elegant" moves and style will be the trend mark on SOLO?

Thats it... cheers
Hey Michael,

1. Since SOLO will feature only a few of the flourishes from 'Project One', what happens for the people who have bought those flourishes from 'Project One' already? Do they receive some sort of discount on SOLO? (after proof of purchase of course)

2. What would you says is your favorite part about taking on a new video?

3. If you could, which director & cinematographer, making major motion pictures, would you have help you make a video, or dvd?

I hope you have a blast with SOLO!
Jul 31, 2011
LA LA land
1. How did you get into flourishing?
2. What is your favorite deck of cards to flourish with?
3.What do you do for a living?
4.On the same topic as #3, is flourishing just your hobby, or have you made a living out of it?
Oct 9, 2010
How old were you when you started cardistery?

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Do you ever do magic?
Apr 25, 2010
1. Knowing you to be a Chris Nolan fan, does his films influence your style in cinematography, and/or does his movies inspire your creative process for your flourishes?
2. (This is not really a question, rather a congrats) Knowing that some of your old flourishes from Pr1 will be carried over to Solo, I know you'll bring plenty of new ideas to the flourishing community; with that being said, congratulations once again on SOLO!

P.S. Your flourish Whirlpool is probably my favorite flourish from Pr1, and i hope it gets carried over to solo.


Elite Member
Dec 20, 2010
A few question for Michael : 1. If someday you can't do XCM like De'vo(hand injury), what do you think you gonna do? 2. At what age is your first exposure to Magic?(Flourish or card or stage magic etc..) 3. There is so many new flourisher recently, what do you think about the community?(the future, the artist and etc) thanks :D
Sep 5, 2007
Decatur, GA
1) Is there a specific instance you can remember when you turned an accident into a flourish? For example a packet slipped from your grip but ended up doing a cool flip and landing in your hand. After you try to recreate that fumble on purpose as a new move.

2) Has flourishing influenced/changed your taste (not style) for certain types of card magic? If so, how?

3) When are you satisfied with a flourish or do you continually evolve and blend them?
Oct 18, 2010
Hi micheal, first of all im super excited for SOLO and ready to learn some ill flourishes.

here are my questions :

1. What program do you use while edditing your flourishing eddits.
2. do you flourish with everyday objects like, charlie cut your phone and ipod or do a tg murphy deck flip with a box of gum)
3. do you think you should have one the cardistry battle with calen morelli?

Kaare Rugsted

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Aug 26, 2009
1: do you have a dream?
2: have you ever don a Cardistry show. ?
if yes: how did it go ?
if no: why not ?
3: is making a dvd your dream ?
Jan 21, 2010
1) What do you see cardistry as? i.e. an art form, a display of skill, superior dexterity, etc. and why?
2) Do you ever create flourishes to mimic the motions of things around you?
May 28, 2011
1. Well, recent project is SOLO, so may you make other one that named "DUO" on the next project? (DUO contain 2 or more artist ):D
2. Whats your favorite deck to practice your flourish?
3. Based on your Youtube channel, looks you have Video Editing skill very well. Did you edit SOLO by your self too? :)

thanks, ...
Feb 9, 2011
1. Actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. do not watch a movie the way the general public does. The first time you see a flourish performed (one you hadn't seen before) how do you evaluate it? What are you looking for?

2. What flourish/magic sleight do you not currently do/use that is next on your list of things you intend to learn and master? Why that one?

3. You've been hired to entertain at a corporate function. Right before the evening is over, the CEO of the company asks you to "casually" wander by his table and dazzle the representative from the company's most desired prospective client. When you get there, you'll have about 15 seconds to impress this VIP, creating a favorable impression of your employer for the night in the mind of the VIP. What's your go-to flourish? Why?


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Dec 9, 2010
United States
Hey Michael, my name is Josh and I have a few questions I'd like to ask you:

1) What is your favorite deck to use while performing?
2) How long have you been flourishing for?
3) How did you come up with your original flourishes? What is the process behind your creation method?

I hope you can answer a question or two, but I understand if you can't. Congratulations on what you've accomplished so far, and welcome to t11!
Aug 6, 2011
Hey herp or ican said Michael i had several question for u
there here are

What is your motivation to keep flourishing??
why you don't make your own custom playing card so every one would know that was herp playing card?
what is the very first move that you ever create ??
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