Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Michael.

    Flourishing is something I have started getting into lately. I have always done card magic ... but no flourishing.

    So My questions are,

    (1) What are some of the best sources to learn card flourishing from ( web sites, books, dvds [ I am looking at getting SOLO ] ) I have the entire Dan And Dave Trilogy, and its great... I can do the magic well, but the flourishes are pretty challenging for my skill level, But I am working towards them.

    (2) How do you usually practice? ( do you practice with music, silence, watching tv? ) I usually practice better listening to music.

    (3) Would you recommend SOLO to a beginner? Like I said I am just getting into flourishing, so I would like something to give me a good foundation. ( or is this way out of my league right now? )

    Thank you Michael and JB for this contest and an awesome prize... You guys ROOOOCCCCKKKK!
  2. 1.When you creating a flourishes , which part you will think of it for FIRST ? the display?the move?the detail?hard look?easy look? or you got your own word ?

    2.How do you feel/love your own created flourishes ? Do you like it so much then other card artist created flourishes ?

    3.You got some own created flourishes already ,but is it enough for your SOLO DVD ? or SOLO DVD may be teaching more flourishes again ?
  3. 1. What is your favorite deck of cards?
    2. What is your favorite card book?
    3. What is your favorite card trick?
  4. 1.) What was your first original flourish and how old were you at the time?

    2.) Will there be a round 2 with Calen?

    3.) Will there be a round 1 with Andrei??
  5. 1. How did you get started in cardistry, and where would you recommend newbies to begin?
    2. How do you feel about cardistry generally being perceived as an art that takes a backseat to card magic?
    3. Who is your favorite flourisher/flourish creator, in terms of creativity, dexterity, and general awesomeness, and why?

    Thanks for this great opportunity T11, as usual you guys are the best! Looking forward to SOLO!
  6. How awesome was it to work with theory11?
    Name one flourisher who you think has a lot of potential?
    j.bayme and copperfield. who do you think will win in a magic-off?
  7. Why and when did you get into cardistry?

    What would be your biggest piece of advice for a beginner?

    Who is your biggest inspiration?
  8. -How often and how long do you practice?
    -Do you do strictly flourishing or do you also do magic?
    -What are your plans for the future?
  9. Hey Michael, My name is Jason and here are my questions:

    1. What made you interested in doing magic?
    2. When did you start your career in magic?
    3. Who can do the classic pass faster, you or Calen? :)
  10. Hey Michael,
    -How are your flourishes new and different from what we've seen before?
    -What do you think is the best way to start learning cardistry?
    -What's your flourishing deck of choice?
  11. 1. What would you consider your style of cardistry?

    2. How would you describe cardistry in your own words?

    3. Have you ever faced any problems like injuries from flourishing?
  12. My questions are ...
    1) What started you to do cardistry instead of card magic or coin magic ??
    2) How many deck of cards do you usually buy weekly ??
    3) Can you do a anaconda dribble as long as andrei jikh ??
    Hope i'll win the Brown Wynns !!!
    Thanks !
  13. 1. How can you manage ur time to study and flourish?
    2. Do you live with other flourishers?
    3. What do your see wrong in the cardistry industry today?

    • 1) As opposed to card magic effects, flourishing involves less thinking and more raw creativity. It doesn't involve patter or misdirection, therefore it's the second closest thing to performing card magic for those with lesser (or undeveloped) social skills. Do you think that flourishing is a refuge for those who don't want or don't have the guts to perform in front of an audience? What's your opinion?

      2) Marco Tempest successfully combined modern technology with magic. Are you open to these technological extensions into cardistry or are you willing to stick with the current standards?

    Steve, writing from the backroom of the bar, exactly 12 minutes before the show.
  14. long did it take you to master your first flourish?

    2.what kind of deck or decks do you prefer?

    3.who would you compare yourself to as a performer?

    cant wait to see your dvd and purchase it as well...

    congrats on workin with theory 11 !!!

    michael anspach
  15. 1.Last year you won the V5 trailer contest, how did this affect you?
    2. What is your favorite flourish, that someone else came up with, to preform?
    3. Do you have someone you test out all your new material on before you go public with it?
  16. What Inspires you?
    How long have you been doing this?
    How can you inspire us?
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    1. What was the first flourish you ever learned
    2. What is your go to flourish when people ask you to show them one
    3. If you weren't a flourisher what would you be doing?
  18. Hi , Michael

    1) Do you think flourish only can impress people through video? Because most of flourisher that I meet , they only can do nice flourish in the video(using edit) , but when in live , they mess up all the time.

    2) Any advise for shooting flourish video? I know you are good in creating flourish video.

    3) How do you decide a deck of card not more suitable to use for flourish again?

  19. Hello Michael - new forum member here from Michigan.

    As a person who's been doing magic quite awhile, with paid shows off and on, I'm curious about these 3 things:
    1. How do you feel YouTube-type websites have changed magic?
    2. How do you respect performers and tricks that came before you, while at the same time being fresh and new?
    3. Is magic as a selling business gone too far towards gimmicks and/or being "easy to perform,"?

    Thanks for your time.

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