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  1. Hi there I would like to know if I should purchase saw from ellusionist?

  2. It's not too bad. I never use it, though. Kinda can't say because it might be considered exposure.
  3. I like it.

    The trick Choke which is taught on the dvd is pretty sweet
  4. I use it from time to time, but it can get a little annoying.
  5. only if youre into shock/bizzare magic. Like heavymetalholic said, Choke is pretty sweet.
  6. you can buy it as a download on Sean's get it instantly and sean gets all the money aswell
  7. Its great. I only use it in like stage shows and stuff. Its nice.

  8. sean has a new effect called CUT. same principle as saw but waaaaaaaaayyy!!! more gross!
  9. Sean is one sick son of a....
    CUT made me shiver.
  10. Do you have the link to CUT?

  11. What is seans?
  12. They are talking about the creator of Saw and Cut as well as many other effects.

    Sean Fields.
  13. Has sean no website to call his own?

    There you go.

    By the way, as Sean said in Saw, this trick might not be for everybody due to a possible... "incompatibility" between the trick and the performer. I can't really say; it has something to do with the method. I get through it though.

    It's a good effect really, but note the disclaimer.

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