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  1. Hi t11/The Wire

    I've invented an easy SCAAN (Spectators Card At Any Number).

    I am going to release it, when I've worked my performance in.

    My Question is; Who should I credit?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. David Berglass is the inventor of the ACAAN concept. There are SCAANs (selected/spectators card at any number) in various places such as Royal Road and Magicians Tricks. If you are willing to divulge your secret to me in a private message with the agreement that I will never perform the effect for magicians, and will not perform the trick at all until after it's released, I can probably give you more info as to who to credit, or point you in the right direction. Most of the crediting comes from the moves used, not the effect.

    Also, I could give you more advice with a performance video if you don't want to divulge your secret. PM me with your secret/performance if you want.
  3. The plot itself is much older than David Berglas. There are two methods found in greater magic from the mid 1800s (one of which I use to this day)

    David Berglas just had distinct conditions that made the effect his own. At the end of the Mr. Berglas popularised the effect yet he did not create it. You probably should give him credit for inspiration however with out seeing the method I cannot say who you should credit.
  4. What exactly is an ACCAN or SCAAN?
  5. SCAAN is defined in the very first post. Asking only shows that you didn't actually read the thread. "Spectator's Card At Any Number." ACAAN is "Any Card At Any Number."

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