Second or Bottom Deal: Which do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by solakmagic, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Title pretty much says it all. I'm looking in to getting one. And only one. Which is your favorite?
  2. A properly done bottom deal can be a substitute for the second deal. A second deal, however, cannot always substitute for a bottom deal. The bottom deal has far more utility.
  3. They are both very similar, but I have to say that I prefer the second deal (specifically the strike second deal). This isn't because of utility or versatility, rather that I spent weeks practicing the second deal (about 2 years ago), and it has become second nature.

    With that said, a bottom deal can control a larger amount of cards. They both really have their ups and downs, and while I use both, the second deal just comes out on top for me personally.
  4. Depends what you want to do. If you're only going to be cheating in blackjack, learn the second deal. If you're only going to be cheating in 5 card draw poker, learn the bottom deal.
  5. What he said.

    The second deal has some excellent applications. I use it regularly as a control (thanks Jon Armstrong!), but as a false deal it doesn't have nearly the utility as the bottom deal. By default, when second dealing, you have to know that the top card is one that you like and you can only keep the top card on top. When bottom dealing, you can keep as many cards as you like on the bottom and deal them as necessary.

    Personally, I suck at the bottom deal. My mind just hasn't 'absorbed' it yet. So I like the second deal more, strictly because I can actually use the second deal whereas my bottom deal is pathetic and obvious.

    So it comes down to .. what do you want to do? Both moves have their applications.
  6. Jon Armstrong is such a boss. Went to his lecture last week and loved it.
  7. I think the bottom deal has much more utility, but that's just because I use it more than my second deal. That said, my second deal wasn't any great to begin with! As long as you learn how to control certain playing cards to the bottom, (the variety of methods for this are actually much lesser than controlling to the top) the possibilities are through the roof with the bottom deal. You gain the advantageous upper hand in almost any form of card games. You can control so many cards to the bottom and deal from there as long as you are aware of the cards' positions. On the other hand, the second deal only allows you to control the top card, only one card that is. However, it eventually still boils down to preference!
  8. I don't know why you would insist on learning only one of the two sleights. They are both very useful moves and they both have their place in any serious card magician's arsenal.

    In my case, I find the strike second deal easier than the push off version and I find these deals easier than any version of the bottom deal. However, as others have mentioned, the bottom deal has a lot of utility and is not a move to be ignored.

    Why not practice both and see if you can master them both?
  9. I will probably eventually get both. But right now, I can only get one of them. So I'm asking which I should get first for more immediate use.
  10. ^^thats pretty much what i would have said.

    learn the strike second deal first. its a basic second deal. and it will help you develop rhythm.
  11. Go for the Bottom deal. It has a loads of applications, even more that Second deal has, and it's way much more invisible, in my opinion.
  12. I prefer the second deal, I guess that it is a little bios of me because I havn't put very much effort into the bottom deal, I just think that the second deal looks more convincing and suits me better
  13. I think that the bottom deal is more useful to the gambler and the second is more useful to the magician.

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