Serious complaint regarding Victoria by Zach

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by MarkH, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. I believe he was referring to me on that comment, but yes, interesting and entertaining debate nonetheless.
  2. Same, same. :cool:

    And I know. Hadn't see your reply yet haha. I actually really did mean Tyler. Already edited in a reply to you before you had posted that. :D
  3. Ah, apologies. How very solipsistic of me. That's what comes of not refreshing the page before replying! :)
  4. Personally, I don't think you should find it that offensive. Yes, Cancer is a horrible disease, but it's not like he said "Hey Mark H, I hope you die of cancer." He just said a joke in regards to the people out there who torrent and pirate his material. Bad joke? Maybe? I haven't seen Victoria yet, but if I heard the joke at the end, I'm sure I wouldn't find it offensive. It's freedom of speech, plus on top of that, your friend purchased it, not you! If you don't like the comment at the end, don't purchase it. However, if you like the effect itself and plan on performing it, purchase it, and skip the last comment, as it's not part of the trick. It's that simple. People get so butt-hurt over things not being Politically Correct, that they make a big deal over a harmless joke. It's a joke people, get over it...tasteless? Depends on your sense of humor, but it could have been way worse, and I am sure if it was on an episode of South Park or Family Guy you'd be laughing your butt off at it. Anyways, get over it, move on. Have a nice day :)
  5. If it would have said in the exact same manner in a South Park or Family Guy episode, I would not have liked it too, but the people behind those shows thankfully know how to bring jokes. My friend purchased it and only showed it around because he was upset by it, and I could see why. He got all of Zach's vids and obviously did not purchase this particular one to end up being upset about it due to one statement made.

    Another arguable thing is that being upset at whoever downloads the product for free is not a way to go. Who knows, maybe the person is just doing research as for their creations and get wished to get cancer too. But it are people who bought it who are guilty of making it available for free. And he sells so many copies that he probably doesn't have anything to worry about as for the incomes. Don't want your stuff to be out there for free, don't hype it or sell hundreds or thousands of copies of it. And he actually mentions a lot of fire-sharing sites and ways that may only promote it..

    But again, I dont'actually see it as taste or bad taste. That everyone seems to think it's bad taste says something else but yeah. :p
  6. I feel absolutely awful about this. I had no intention of offending anyone, and I certainly understand how this bad attempt at a joke could be deeply offensive - and in no way funny. I sincerely apologize to everyone that was offended by the remark, and I have removed that section from the video without hesitation.

    I have a dark sense of humor, and my comedic judgment has been desensitized by a bit too much people like Louie CK, Ricky Gervais, etc. I deeply regret that joke being in the video at all, and on a personal note, I will do my best to enact better judgment in the future. It's never my goal to offend anyone, ever. Quite simply, this was just a lame attempt at a joke, and once again, I apologize to everyone and anyone who was offended.

  7. Is it still possible to buy Victoria with the joke still retained? :D I happen to really like your sense of humor Zach, and hope that you don't filter it just because of a few comments. I mean where would Richard Pryer or some of the other greats have been if they censored everything because a few people didn't like it? I understand that some jokes won't hit hard, and some may offend people, but it is a joke, and some people tend to make it to be more serious than it is...when it is in fact...a joke!
  8. If this offends people, I hope they never attend a stand up comedy show, sketch comedy show, or even watch a comedy special, or many hundreds of movies out there right now that are even considered classics.

    Also, having a facebook page protesting doesn't mean anything. Anyone jumps on bandwagon these days with a push of a button.

    Comedy is subjective, and Zach along with everyone else can say whatever they want.

    I have never met Zach, but he is not malicious. He has a sense of humor that expresses who he is in his own way.
  9. offence is taken not given so it's not his fault if your offended by it. and nobody better play the whole "my relative had cancer" thing because my grandpa died of cancer, my mom had cancer twice and my aunt had cancer twice. it's a joke, and it's meant to be taken as such.
  10. Fellas,
    I understand how this situation has maddened some of you and I can relate because my wife fought cancer 3 years ago and one of my friend's wives is actually dying of pancreatic cancer right now - only has 3 months to live. It was a poor judgement call on Zach's part and he has apologized / fixed his video. It was a poor choice to get a laugh and he will hopefully think twice in the future. With that in mind, I am going to close the thread and we can all move on.
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