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  1. hey guys...

    here is a trick that i based heavily off of paul green's jeopardy. the moves are the same, but the effect is different. tell me what you think of the overall effect... the middle part of the trick is kind of dull because i don't have a spectator. but you should probably watch so that you don't miss anything.


    Thank you!
  2. i am sorry but that bored the sh** out of me

    good effect but it took forever!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i told you in the beginning that it was boring in the middle...
  4. omfg that is one hell of an awesome trick!

    but then again, even with a spectator around, it is best to decrease the number of times of shuffling if possible. :D
  5. If you know it's boring in the middle... Then I know I'm not gonna get through the trick, and besides, you already know what's wrong with it in general - the middle is a sleeping pill.
  6. yes i know the middle sucks... lol

    I'll try to decrease the amount of times shuffled, and i'll make a new vid. but the question was did you guys like the effect in general? even though it was boring cause of the shuffling
  7. didnt get to the end in the middle i types search for : "Elbow-Grounds for divorce"
    no offense but that's what i did

  8. Well, no I didn't like it, pretty much because of the middle, as I thought I wouldn't - but yeah, if you clean it up, I could change my mind. It's so easy to lose attention and focus, especially from a layman who doesn't have to watch you.
  9. dude your starting to do that thing where you post to many halfass videos alot. seriously man. seriously.
  10. Just leave him alone...
    he obviously doesn't care about comments like yours, so just let him be.

    Not trying to be personal or anything, just sayin.
  11. No harm in hoping that one day, he takes notice of good advice constantly repeated. In the meantime, his loss.

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