Smoke 2.0 Refills Coming Anytime Soon?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by FunkyBottoms, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Hello all,

    Searched and didn't find a thread about this, apologies if it's been answered, but are the refills for Smoke 2.0 coming anytime soon? I see a "null" stub for Smoke 2.0 in the refills list so I'm assuming refills are indeed planned.

    I'm a bit Type A about having spares and refills for about everything, magic gimmicks notwithstanding, so hoping they are on the way soon.

    I really love this item and am having a LOT of fun blowing minds using it!

    Thanks for any info available!
  2. Hey FunkyBottoms,

    Soon! We don't have a specific date for this yet, but Smoke 2.0 Gimmick packs will be available in the coming few weeks. It will automatically be added to the Refills section of you account once they are available, so check back soon!

    If you have any other theory11 product questions feel free to hit up our support team at and they can answer your questions!

    // L
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  3. Heya Lyle!

    Outstanding news and thanks for the quick reply! I'll keep a close eye out for em!

    In the meantime have a nice week/weekend and keep up the great work!
  4. Heya Lyle et al,

    Any word on when the Smoke 2.0 refills will be available?

    Thanks my friend,
  5. Available now! If you don't see them in the refills section of your account contact our support team and they will get you fixed up.

    // L
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  6. Hi Lyle,

    Thanks for the quick reply! The Smoke refill is indeed there, but not Smoke 2.0 refill. I only own Smoke 2.0, so I've followed your advice and contacted support via the support form, hope to hear back soon, on my last cartridge!

    Thanks again,
  7. Hi again Lyle,

    It's been a few days and haven't received a response from support. Nothing.

    Can you confirm or deny that the listing in refills titled "Smoke" (which I do see but never bought) is actually now for the Smoke 2.0 device (which I did buy), or is the correct refill not showing up in my account?

    I really need to get this refill situation resolved and it's going on day 3 with nothing but tumbleweeds and a dry breeze from my support request.

    Appreciate any help you can provide.

  8. If you haven't heard back from support, they didn't get your message. They respond within 24 hours. Give them a shot again.

    The correct Smoke 2.0 refill option in your account will say "Smoke 2.0".

    // L
  9. All is well, Casey reached out via email and took care of me, refill is ordered!! Must have been a busy support week, things happen, and as always theory11 took great care of me.

    Thanks also for the confirmation on Smoke vs. 2.0, I was this close >< to grabbing the non-2.0 refill, so glad I waited for the assist!

    Really appreciate your consistent quick replies Lyle, T11 clearly has a great team of committed folks taking care of us all and the team certainly deserves a round of applause.

    Have a great weekend one and all!

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