1. K


    So its christmas soon and i was thinking about getting the sansminds vapr, i have read alot of reviews on this product and alot of them are positive and negative. Alot of the reviews say that it doesnt produce alot of smoke or doesnt work. If any of you own this product can you please help me on...
  2. Colin Salo

    Order Processing

    I ordered smoke 2.0 last night and have been constantly checking on my order since. I selected free standard shipping and was wondering about how long it usually takes. I just expected it to be at least shipped by now
  3. Momotheritz

    best smoke machine

    hello! I'm only 15 but I wanted to look for a good smoke machine to use in my routines. Most of the smoke machines are very expensive, but their are a few under $100. Unfortunately, most of the ones under $100 are for people who can setup their own smoke machine and know what they are doing (ex...
  4. tikidoll

    Does Smoke 2.0 need sleeves?

    Hi! I'm a lady magician and I love this effect but I'm not sure if it requires a long sleeve shirt or jacket. If it does, would it be possible to adapt it to a dress? Any specifics just of garment requirements would help. If I can use it, I'm getting it! Thanks!
  5. F

    Smoke 2.0 Refills Coming Anytime Soon?

    Hello all, Searched and didn't find a thread about this, apologies if it's been answered, but are the refills for Smoke 2.0 coming anytime soon? I see a "null" stub for Smoke 2.0 in the refills list so I'm assuming refills are indeed planned. I'm a bit Type A about having spares and refills...
  6. F

    Smoke 2.0 Tip - Getcher Puff On

    Wow, my first thread ever here on Theory11 :). Hi everyone! I wanted to share a little tip with you all on how to get the best puff out of the Smoke 2.0 device. I received my device a few days ago, and from the start I was having to pull very long on mine in order to engage it, and by the time...
  7. EvanX

    Smoke 2.0, Vapr, or Pure Smoke?

    I am considering buying a smoke machine/device in the near future. I have looked at some reviews online and have seen conflicting views about these products' reliability and quality. I know that both Smoke 2.0 and Pure Smoke (as of now) both cost $75 due to Ellusionist's sale (originally $147)...
  8. Akhil Raj

    Smoke gimmick nearly impossible to open

    I don't know where to take my issue. I've contacted t11 support but the tip didn't help me open it. For everyone that bought smoke, how did you open the gimmick? The black and gray part of the gimmick is impossible to remove. My entire family tried it for 4 hours before giving up
  9. Gabriel Z.

    New Theory11 Website Layout: Thoughts?

    I am in love with the new theory11 website layout. I woke up this morning to go check out the Saturday Night Contest results, and I was taken aback by what I saw. Some of the cool features are the smoke on the banner. Really good stuff... Loving it. Let everyone know your thoughts on the new...
  10. A

    S.s.s vs S.s.s (2015)

    Hi, I want to improve my magic with a smoke. I want to know what are the differences between 2015 edition of sss and older version. If you have them please tell me which of them is better and why. Which would you personally recomend? Thanks for help :D
  11. A

    Adding smoke to magic

    Hi, this question is adderessed to magicians which have S.S.S by Shin Lim. I want to buy this product to perform mostly "smoke from mouth" effect. I want to know what is the difference between 2015 and later version. If you have both which you prefere and why you would recomend this version. And...
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