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  1. Hiya,
    I Was Just Wandering Where Are / What Are You Guys When You Find You Have You Most Constructive Practice Sessions or That You Create Your Favourite Cuts.
    On The Subject, What Do YOU Like To Listen To While Your Practicing?
    Or What si YOur Favourite Song To Jam To?



    P.s Don't Ask About The Title.

  2. To answer your first question: at home or at the mall (because there is so much possible insparation)

    I listen to GOOD music (not rap, only rock)

    my favorite song hmmmmmmm... thats a tough one I can't name a favorite song but band-wise probably Seether, Godsmack, Disturbed, and Papa Roach.
    OH and Dana Hocking;):D
  3. about the music: Prodigy or electronic music is fine for me.. some rock is nice too for practicing :pP
  4. techno or rock, personally de'vo's song
  5. I listen to either viking metal or Kitaro stuff.
  6. bluegrass butt-rock and emo.
  7. Classic rock for me. ;)

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    Ever since the Nintendo Wii commercials came out I though that song would be cool, so I looked it up and found that the folks who make it do primarily acoustic stuff. A lot of it is really cool and would easily fit into a routine of any type.

    The acoustic Wii commercial song :

    Kodo by: Yoshida Brothers.

    Also look up Kagero and Nikata. They will be cool for a slower routine or something where you want a dramatic kind of scene.
  9. Probably rock. Thats when I do the "fast" type cuts. Otherwise its....easy rock......and maybe a little jazz, depending on my mood. If I'm happy it has to be fast rock or if I'm moody I would listen to something slower but something that would cheer me up.

    Or usually I listen to whatever's playing on my 8 hour playlist
  10. Country.

    Same with me.
  11. Rock

    The Unseen
    The Casualties
    Rage Against the Machine
  12. Rock or techno it all depends on what mood you are trying to influence. If you create the dramatic look go for fur elise by mozart. or for crazy fast stuff o for the land of confusion by disturbed or 10000 fists. its all a matter of personal opinion.
  13. Underground rap or old school rap, heavy metal, and rock
  14. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony -- Ode to Joy -- keeps me level-headed when I'm flourishing because, frankly, I'm not good at it, since I just recently began. :)

  15. I like KASTOACHA. He made the music for the Trilogy and Lethal. I reckon it's the best for flourishing...

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