Split Spades Better?

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  1. Do The David Blaine Split Spade Cards Outdo The Centurian Or Guardian Cards For Quality Many Thanks Im A Newbie To This Site :)
  2. No mate, the Guardians and Centurions out do any other custom deck for quality, except the Black Ghost deck which has a beautiful butter-smooth finish.

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    Everyone here has their own opinion over those cards, except that I'm willing to bet most people here would go for the Gaurdians/Centurions. Really if you would like to know the feel and everything for yourself, then I suggest buying one of each and seeing which is better. Then if you wish, buy more of the deck that is your favorite.


    EDIT: Dangit, quoted the qrong person...

  4. Yeah, I think Split Spades are better, don't really like the Centurions. They're to stiff ;b
  5. they last the longest out of any deck you can buy at a normal price. they also look cool but arent the coolest looking cards. but on the plus side again they faces on the cards are awesome. I would get them.
  6. The Guardians are some of the worst cards i've ever used, both Bicycle and Tally Ho's last way longer than them. I don't know about Centurions, the reviews seem to be mixed.

    The Black Ghost deck looks cool but like many E decks seems to be really thick which makes multiple lifts very more obvious. I think E decks are cool to play around with and I get one of them every few months but I wouldn't regularly use them.

    I've not heard a single bad thing about the new Split Spades deck, they seem to get consistently good reviews everywhere so I would go with them.

    However, Dan and Dave's Smoke and Mirrors decks are being released this friday so you might want to wait for these before you buy any cards.
  7. Split Spades lasted me longer than the regular Bicycle decks! :)

  8. Remember, opinion is not fact. The Lions are actually the nicest feeling deck of cards I've ever held (and that's my opinion). The T11 decks are basically regular bikes with a cool design/look. And the BG deck is the same finish as any E deck. Those are facts :)
  9. Split spades out do all. THis may be off topic but the whole butter thing makes no sense. " THe cards feel like butter". Yeah umm okay.:rolleyes:
  10. No, they eat like steak, but CUT like butter.
  11. Actually, those are not facts. T11 decks (Guardians and Centurions) are among the most expensive to produce of any decks made due to the higher quality stock and finish utilized - certifiably not the same as regular Bicycle decks - hence the hours and hours spent directly alongside USPCC's director of R&D to make sure everything was up to snuff.
  12. split spades are the best cards ive ever used sofar...
  13. Split Spades are better, no doubt. In fact the first Split Spades printed on Tally-Ho stock are one of the best decks. Too bad their price has not fallen.
  14. split spades are awsome
  15. Your spelling isn't. :D
  16. You guys should have used a spiral development model with incorporated community feedback through several iterations to determine how to make the highest quality cards.

    Im afraid your artists aren't impartial enough seeing as how they were all 110% satisfied with whatever their paying employers are providing them.

    The fact is, the opinions of guardians/centurions is on a sliding scale directly proportional to actual experience with magic and flourishing.

    On the one hand, you have the utter n00bs which make comments like "Guardians/Centurions are the highest quality custom deck ever made, except maybe for the Black Ghost..." this is an obviously ignorant comment made by a fanboy. this is someone that has obviously not handled many different types of decks.

    then on the other hand you have the people that have been around a long time and aren't given to hyperbole. They say pretty much across the board that the Guardians and Centurions are annoying and they suck.

    Their "higher quality stock" you utilized warps extremely quickly and crimps too easily. It's much much worse than most of the other decks available.

    The "higher quality finish" doesn't even fan as well as a stock bicycle deck! E decks completely PWN your finish. Just because you spent a bunch of time with a USPCC guy doesn't mean anything, all that matters is the final product.

    Unfortunately you guys don't have a single person on your staff that can honestly stand up and say "The emperor has no clothes" by which I mean , I assume at least ONE guy in your group can do fans, he should have noticed that a stock Bicycle or Tally Ho fans way way way better than your "higher quality" marketing hype.

    The Split Spades are better than T11 decks in every way imaginable.

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