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  1. Hello(again),:)
    I need help. I can't do a spread in my hands like Dan and Dave do(the pressure spread?) and I cannot do a decent pressure fan. What can I do?

    Harry Potter
  2. Practice.

    word count
  3. Haha. I know that's one of the key elements, but how can I do a spread like they do? Like what do I do to make a spread?
  4. Unfortunately, practice is pretty much all you can do if you know the basic mechanics. If you don't know the basic mechanics, then pretty much any beginner flourishing or manipulation resource will teach the pressure fan, and most teach the spread (usually called the "Le Paul Spread").
  5. Expert Card Technique
    The Card Magic of Le Paul
    These are great resources.
  6. Practise until you can do it in your sleep. You will look back and say: "haha. I remember the time I thought this was hard."
  7. I have been practicing the LePaul Spread for almost a year now and it's still barely decent. You simply have to practice and practice. Something that I didn't notice is that while the cards are being released, grab them with your other hand and make a spread motion.
  8. Pray.

    Word Counts

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